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Book Review: Clown In A Cornfield

Clown In A Cornfield by Adam Cesare

This is a very good retro slasher horror. Quinn and her father move to the remote small town of Kettle Springs. The rundown town is dying and the kids are blamed. After all, what do they kids do besides pull pranks and cause accidents? During a party in a corn field – things get bloody as the kids are not all right.

It seems some people think mass murder will alleviate the town's crisis by getting rid of all those meddling kids. Signs are ominious and this is modern but with a nostalgic aspect. This was harrowing and full of malicious lies and what people think are perfectly reasonable responses to societal troubles. There is conspiratorial thinking and consequent chaos. The brittle and shrill kids are much maligned but maybe they had it coming.

Best Lines:

“He thinks everything was better before kids started wearing ripped jeans in like 1983.”

“And that satanic music they all love,”

“Knew how sad his hero worship looked.”

“I'm not sad it's gone.”

“A time long past.”

“Audience seemed twice as hostile.”

“He'd lose the election to a frozen Butterball turkey, if someone drew eyes on it and filled out the election paperwork.”

“Way to be melodramatic.”

“A grim reaper in cheap nail polish.”

“Owning his infamy,”

“Romeo and Juliet hadn't beheaded anyone with a circular saw.”

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