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Trailers, Quotes & The Tale Of 2 Tapes

'Monster Hunter' trailer


'Hillbilly Elegy' trailer

Amy Adams wants that Oscar.

Revelations 6:8:

“And I saw a pale horse,

and a pale rider upon it,

and the name of the horse

was Pestilence,

and the name of the rider

was Death”

I have grievances.

I'd try smoked roast peanuts.

There are honey and sea salt crisps.

Cleared out 2 tapes. 📼📼

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Nobody listened.”

“She makes her chocies.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“They shamed the city.”

“Angry conversations.”

'The Stand' (1994) Quotes:

“God have mercy on his poor excuse for a soul.”

“Can't remember him anymore.”

“What did we do all this for?”

“It'll have to be enough.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Deliberate act of artistic provocation.”

“Supportive community.”

“Cause a “public scandal” if photographed and published.”

“Received a dismissive or aggressive response.”

“Group of costal states.”

“Campaigns for an open internet.”

“Discredit and shame.”


“Pseudo-libertarian ideological basis.”

“All of that was wrong.”

“What merits our attention.”

“Practical significance.”

“At odds with cultural need.”

“Embraces her faith without apology.”

“Horse operas.”

“(This really happened and is genuinely upsetting so don't make jokes).”

“Living her own life unhindered by other people's narrow expectations.”

“Current dystopia.”


“Existentially dependent on something they resent.”

“Similarly unenthused.”

“Locals curate the worst of their drunk and violent culture.”

“Butt of national ridicule.”

“Fallen victim to rampant corruption.”

“Deep disruption.”

“Hardened the resolve.”

“Came to think of it as almsot normal behaviour.”

“Catastrophic for societal wellbeing.”

“Finger-pointing is directed at certain epople.”

“Cause more desolation.”

“Feel the full consequences.”

'Power Rangers: Beast Morphers' Quotes:

“Really scary!”

“Hardly brilliant!”

“Their plan was terrible!”

“This is your big plan?”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Watching this with a highly critical eye.”

'True Life Crime' Quotes:

“Safe midwestern town.”

“Talk back and call it out.”

'Urban Myths' Quotes:

“My vagina can't do stairs!”

“So starved of joy.”

“Psychic candy.”

“Human sundial.”

“Floozy business.”

'Sky High' Quotes:


“You will be.”

'Forever Knight' Quotes:

“Do everything that is forbidden.”

“Do what must not be done.”

“You can not imagine the hatred I have for you!”

“Sick depraved little girl!”

“Even I have my limits!”

'Disappeared' Quotes:

“People can't keep secrets forever.”

“Didn't find no clues.”

'Hollyoaks' Quotes:

“Pay up sinners!”

“Haunted Barbie!”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Lost their sense of fear.”

'The Simpsons' Quotes:

“I love waking up drunk in the morning.”

“You read a book all the way through? Why?”

'The Trump Show' Quote:

“A lunatic crazy person becomes president.”

'The Haunting Of Bly Manor' Quotes:

“2 years away.”

“Such a bore.”

“Can't count on the past.”

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