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What was good in 1999.....

Cleared out a tape from 1999. It contained ‘Lexx 1.4: Giga Shadow’ which was the 4th and final movie in the first season of ‘Lexx’. It guest starred a slumming Malcolm McDowell.

The Divine Order carries out the Cleansing which is nightmare fuel. Meanwhile on the Lexx, Xev sounds like she recites her lines phonetically. Kai broods and bonds with a baby cluster lizard named Squish. Stanley is stupid and annoying.

The true nature of His Divine Shadow is revealed. Did nobody think to ask who His Divine Shadow was before now? Anyway the gang have an adventure where there is rantings from the Time Prophet and a call-back to the Great Insect Wars. Kai and Xev display character growth which was ignored in seasons 2&3 to make her dumber and sluttier and him even more stoic.

There is cheap 1996 CGI. Squish saves the day and there is a twist ending where Kai is possessed by His Divine Shadow. Which was a great ending until season 2 came along and wrecked it. This was dull. The best ‘Lexx’ eps were the season 2 eps ‘Wake the Dead’ and ‘Brigadoon’.

Best Lines:
“Divine Shadow?”
“You don’t look very good.”
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