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The Haunting Of Bly Manor 1x06 + The Twilight Zone 2x02 Reviewed 👎👎

The Jolly Corner

Peter Quint is dead, killed by a ghost (a lady in the lake). He can possess Miles. Flora, Miles and the housekeeper know all this but do and say nothing about it. Quint's polluting the lake. Nobody has noticed. People stand in solemn huddles and orate. There are no certainties and paradigms. There is no unwavering certitude. Something is very wrong with Miles. The house is a godawful trap – the children can't act.

Miles pushed the housekeeper down an uncovered well. The murderous little brat has got away with it. No one has noticed this yet. The housekeeper is a ghost. This segues uneasily and is pretty dire. There is no certainty and simplicity. The ghosts can't leave Bly. Meanwhile Henry must reckon with himself.

Hard earned insights are put on the backburner. Henry is isolated and alienated. Miles violently ended someone's life and gets away with it. Miles and Flora wander purposefully. This pushes the boundaries of the possible. This is not a desperate journey. Henry is a comical goon who ignores his caring responsibilities. This was lamentable. Why does everyone ignore the purposeful violence by the homicidal luantic Miles?

Who haunts Henry? Things go abysmally. This was not engaging or thoughtful. Irreversible damage has been done. This was fanciful and farcical and culturally bereft. Henry is the father of Flora. There is a lack of motivation and satisfaction. Miles and Flora have thought disorders. This was illogical to a grotesque level. The ghosts are in eternal servitude to Bly. Miles sows hate and is always contorting in rage.

Dani fancies the gardener. Is this show deliberetly non-descript? There is no extreme fear. Dani is thick. This was not beguiling. The worst is yet to come. This was not even horribly compelling. One is infuriated by this show's inability. Dani is clumsy and socially awkward. There is senseless rationale for things. Flora is a nuisance. There is transgenerational trauma and negative doom and gloom. Nobody voices their concerns and sense does not prevail.

This was not palatable. Flora and her stupid plummy accent prances and she needs a slap. Henry's fake English accent is worse than Flora's. There are no non-contentious issues. The children annoy and disproportionately impact people. Flora annoys. Henry has deep seated hostility. This looks so absurd. Henry provokes discontent. The threat posed by Miles is ignored. Henry's brother was a moron.

There is disregard, lies and derogatory actions. Miles spews hateful rhetoric. Peter Quint stole a 1/4 of a million of Miles' money. Where is it? There are certain values and attiudes. Henry had a fateful embrace. There is no caring or hope. There is nothing left to go to. There is no trust, generosity or respect. People are resentful and anxious. There is no suffocating tension.

What did happen to Charlotte and Dominic? There are arty contrivances and madcap pursuits. There are mercurial men and maverick behaviour and there is not a good deal that is new here. There is no sustained atmosphere of decay. There are the intricacies of family relations. A great deal is unexplained. This does not sustain attention. This was not bleakly attractive. This was not striving for any sort of realism in this superficially ordered house.

Things work their way towards an inevitable crisis. This dials up the malevolence. There was dull charisma. This was the least interesting. People suffer bad treatment. The gardener recalls her abckstory and there is no mood of dread. TPTB are not overly concerned. Lives are not lived. This was not stark and unyielding. There are no authentic life chocies.

This was mundane. There are no poignant reminders of absence. Them not being there becomes a presence in Bly. There is emptiness inside and all around. This was oblique and insufficient. The family is not comparatively functional. This was unappetising. People express their torment, evasion, obfuscation and misunderstanding. This was not forbidding. People too often underestimate the damage that comes from avoiding the issue right under their noses.

Things are nefarious. This fails abysmally and is anodyne and meaningless and vacuous. What is a moonflower? TPTB think this show is pretty compelling. Bly Manor has essential inescapability. There are well founded concerns. Henry gave Flora the dollhouse. Crap is accepted. Flora was described as early aka premature – Dominic suspected. What sort of job does Dominic have?

Best Lines:

“Trapped himself there...entombed in it.”

“Everything's been a bit strange really.”

“Irritating habit.”

“My life the way it is: nice and boring.”

“Very afraid of him.”

“My age all wrong.”

“Peter robbed you blind.”

“Notice of death.”

“Not exactly himself anymore.”

“You're still here?”

“Fancy a little boredom?”

“Mum's under some bloke.”

“No life at all.”

“Called my mom a whore.”

“Blaming all the females in the family.”

“Local trash.”

“People aren't worth it.”

“Leave life behind to take our place.”

“Sitting in the dark.”

“What a strange night that was.”

“The math wouldn't work.”

“Took me 6 years to do the math.”


A woman realises she is just a character in a game. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Identity tourism.”

“Suggestion technology.”

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