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Adult Material 1x02 + Des 1x02 + To The Lake (2020) 1x01 Reviewed

Dry For Wet

Jolene and Carroll try to control the fallout from the Carroll's party. There are unhinged performances and sadly Tom isn't dead. There is industrial scale objectification. Jolene has on/off protective instincts and the horrifying reality of her industry is laid bare. Jolene runs around in her obvious wig being all positive and enthusiastic and complacent.

Carroll does coke and does not want the authorities involved. Amy has had shattering experiences. Amy had to go to hospital after her first shoot. There is appalling brutality in the unloving and unloved industry. Carroll casts a vaguely sinister shadow. One feels abject disgust for Carroll, Tom and Jolene who have moderate indifference to what happened.

This was disconcerting. There are hard choices and sinister consequences. Phoebe is suspended from school. Jolene is witless and was a teen mom and boasts she earns more than her daughter's principle. Jolene pays £15,000 a year for Phoebe's school. Jolene shrugs off Phoebe's actions and trauma and the fact teens vandalised her pink audi.

Phoebe wants Jolene to quit the industry. How is it her responsibility? Jolene is so non-judgmental. Amy is charged with ABH. Things are clamorous. Jolene goes off on a rant and is pretty awful mother and wife. She ignores Phoebe's underlying bitterness. Amy has a social worker? Jolene is mean to Rich, her layabout partner. This was exhilartingly depressing. There are snide comments and this was desperately inadequate.

Phoebe has an infected eye too. Jolene has pink flamingo in her garden. Jolene appears on tv and her job inevitably impacts. Jolene makes a show of herself and an MP watches porn and has a moment on the floor of a taxi. Carroll stirs the pot and Jolene is 35. She does coke?!? Carroll drives a bad car for a porn magnate.

Jolene gets spray tanned and has her nails done but she is now persona non grata in the industry. Rich says Jolene should do some escorting. Why does Jolene have rabbits in cage in the garden? Diabolical people annoy. Amy spills about Jolene to her son. Jolene sells her thongs online. BO is wanted by customers. Jolene encourages Phoebe to see her perv boyfriend. Jolene's impuging of reputations goes awry. Tom Pain's dying. What is that trash in Carroll's garden? Why is he coughing? Jolene and Rich try to have sex on the stairs. Jolene has a warped attidue to sex. Rich does not work.

Rich leaves with 1 tiny bag of possessions. Tom drops the charges against Amy. Jolene shrugs off her son looking up her porn during a sleepover. Carroll sues Jolene. So she rage quits the porn industry via twitter. Even her phone is tacky. Jolene describes the medical issues she's had because of porn. This was a perversion of morality.

Best Lines:

“More choices than I had.”

“Gaffer tapes knives to his hands and attacks cars in the street.”

“Struck off for shagging his patients!”


“Mad as a spoon.”

“Smokes a lot of spice.”

“What's your favourite film?”

“'Cannibal Holocaust'.”

“Mines 'Devil Wears Prada'.”

“Where's all the posh yougurts?”

“That backfired didn't it?”

“Why don't you get a job?”

“This is suddenly very awkward.”

“You're really good at making everything about you.”

“About as sexy as a j cloth.”

“Cannot consent to your arse falling out!”

“No adult diapers.”

“I've got a throbber!”

“Web camming is boring!”

“You don't do anything unless you've got an agenda!”

“What's normal in your house isn't normal in everyone elses!”

“Attention seeking liar decides to fake moral outrage.”

Des 1x02

Things are unsettling as Dennis Nilsen is starkly amused and defiantly complex. A murder victim is linked to the Canadian parliment. This tries to be potent, emotive and brilliantly atmospheric. Dennis was in the cops and army. There are bones in the garden. Concerns are expressed. Dennis did crimes of inconceivable proportions. People take forceful stances and a cop is wretchedly obsessed with the case. There are the darkest secrets and god rest their souls. There was violence, hate and senseless cruelty. Dennis is being disgusting and this was chronically basic. There is talking and was closure a phrase in the 1980s? Dennis is a blight and pleads not guilty. This was perverse.

Best Lines:

“Talk from the Yard.”

“Hasn't seen him since may 1980.”

“The press weren't exactly kind.”

“Made him certain promises.”

“Wan't homeless or an addict.”

“Lying to us from the start.”

“Gruseome search.”

“Normal back then.”

“Didn't intend to judge you.”

To The Lake (2020) 1x01

A contagious illness, panic and looting ravage Moscow in this dubbed drama. A bitchy ex-wife bitches at her ex. People are frustrated by the disruption of their lives. This was devoid of drama, chaos and intrigue. There was animus and bitterness.

There is no heightened atmosphere or grave seriousness. There is hostile social interaction and no grave risk. There is no common purpose and no infinite patience or ingenuity. Things are not highly distressing. There is no fear or crisis. There is no dangerous narrative of hopelessness. This was calamitous and there are no fearful people.

There are no highly respected families and people are personally insulting. This was catastrophically dull and not very serious. There are belated intentions. How terrible everything is. People are bitter and have recklessness. This was not deft or skilful. There is no sinister turn. A virus creeps insidiously toward them.

An autistic boy named Misha is a perv. There are 2 homewrecking whores in this show. Sergey whines. He left his angry ex and son to carry on with Anna. As for Anna the whore she does not seem to care about Sergey – did she only hook up with him to have him mind her son Misha? Polina snots at her stripper stepmother.

There is potential catastrophe. Quarantine is broken. Sergey has absolute disregard for his real family, he only cares about his whore. Bad things happen. There is fatal unpreparedness. Ira = Sergey's ex. This was not substantive. Tolstoy would not be proud. Vile, vituperative, hate filled people cause a cacophony.

Best Lines:

“Stupid old hag.”

“Who said I was angry? Do I seem angry?”

“It's never daddy's fault.”

“He now has a new home, a new family.”

“I was washing cars at intersections.”

“His disaster of a daughter.”

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