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Book Review: Death Sets Sail

Death Sets Sail by Robin Stevens

The final entry in the 'A Murder Most Unladylike' series. During a trip on the Nile, Dasiy and Hazel face their own personal Reichenbach after a terrible wrong is perpretrated. The ending is an arsepull and this is highly unrealistic even for this series. Daisy has overwhelming conviction in herself and is intemperate. This was okay. Daisy expects automatic deference. This has unearned emotion and people talk about baking cookies but use no 1930s slang and there are no chaperones. There is talk of power cuts.

Best Lines:

“Having one daughter finds murders wherever she goes is bad enough,”

“Will SOMEONE come here and MURDER me?”

“He's quite clearly not dying,”

“Grow-ups are dreadfully disgusting.”

“On his way to do something awful.”

“Some people are better off dead.”

“Oh, do stop lying and pretending to be silly.”

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