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The Resistance Issue 6 Reviewed

Fight the power with power. Volume 2 is coming in 2021. There is no social distancing or masks in the post pandemic world. It is a year since the plague. The virus may be returning. There is a generation war.

People in influential positions plot. Nobody is constructive. This tries to reflect society. There are unpredictable and unexpected consequnces to choices. People seek out someone to blame for the great calamity of the plague. People are objects of admiration but not many. There is historical inevitability and violent disorder.

The plot is an unresolved void. People have not reacted well. A girl with powers saved the world when 100,000 people were dying every day. There is death and the powered people ARE the baddies. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“It came to us from somewhere outside--”

“Activating potentialities we knew nothing about.”

“No one in this target population can be trusted.”

“Heaven does not want you, and keeps throwing you back?”

“Social harassment.”

“Prevent them from acquiring to tools to oppose us, and the will to use them.”

“They must never ever discover how powerful they are,”

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