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Movie Review: Stretch (2014)

Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Jessica Alba and Ray Liotta feature in this weird film with has an awful lot of chaos. There is sexism as the 'hero' blames a woman for his own poor choices. There is a Norman Reedus cameo wherein he plays himself, that short cameo is the best thing in the film.

The 'hero' is in a hole. He is a wannabe convivial operatic character who amused fate. This tries for intensity but there is just lots of swearing. He needs $60,000 by midnight. This was spurious and the hero aka Kevin is a tool. Liotta shows up playing himself. Fate adversely effects Kevin. Pine plans a naked crazy bad guy.

There is rampant sexism and blackface. There is a limo war and a moral evil. This was a movie of attrition. Trouble is inevitable. This was specious and there is blood and ledgers. There are no deeply held sentiments. There is a lack of appreciaiton and this was faltering with lurid day glo colours and this was done is melodramatic, over the top style.

Best Lines:

“Are you drunk?”

“Not anymore.”

“My life is nearly half over.”

“No money, no power.”

“Industry gold standard.”

“Cannot go out like that.”

“Putting the goddam shovel down.”

“Seem to actively want to lose this job.”

“This is not good at all.”

“I pay every month, on time!”

“Don't make me come looking for you.”

“You don't have any respect for The Hoff.”

“Blow dried death shroud.”

“I need the cash badly.”

“Religious hangups.”

“Murdered men with his hands.”

“Done business with some bad guys.”

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