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Trailers, Quotes & 3 Tape Tales

'Pennyworth' season 2

Alfred is so...ugh.

Best Line:

“Make Arkham Asylum look like a country club.”

'The Crown' season 4 trailer

Oh ffs.

Peanut choco bar – nice.

What is pepperjack cheese or Louisian sauce or primo pepper?

How did my relationship go so terribly wrong? I thought I had a deep, loyal, emotionally satisfying relationship. He did avoidance and withdrawal.

What happened to Mycroft Holmes on 'Elementary'?

Cleared out 3 tapes. 📼📼📼

I want a chaumet attrape-moi...si tu m'aimes watch in white gold with diamonds and a Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels poetic wish in white gold with diamonds and a Jaeger-le coultre master tourbilluon wild in rose gold with diamonds. I want a vacheron constantin's changell series in gold and a graff diamond like carbon and white gold scuba graff.

DeForest Kelley had a guest spot on 'The Fugitive' as a town drunk. He had only 3 scenes.

Best Lines:

“Your bar is down the street!”

“Flight into fear.”

'The Stand' (1994) Quotes:

“Uninvited fascist guest.”

“Dude's crazy.”

“Like we're not?”

“That's past now.”

'Man V Food' Quote:

“Devil's bowl.”

'The World's Strangest UFO Encounters' Quotes:

“Unnatural interest in his gentials.”

“Orgies with alien nymphomaniacs.”

“Adjust to normal attidues.”


“Sex crazed aliens.”

“Otherwise unremarkable.”

“Dodgy videos.”

“Never had a convincing explanation for.”

“You do have them.”

“Alien baby claims.”

“Far darker motive.”

“Come to a very scary conclusion.”

“Goal directed.”

“Beings from god knows where.”

“Ignore the ground rules of genetics.”

“True memories.”

“Giant alien conspirayc to breed humans out of existence.”

'TVnow' Quotes:

“Who knew that watching Jude Law dig a hole could be so engrossing?”

“Stripped to his jocks.”

“Wandered down laneways strewn with sinister scarecrows hanging from the trees.”

“Floored to see his best friend Kurt walk through the doors of The Hutch, despite apparently having died 19 years ago!”

“A franchise that does exactly the same thing in every outing?

'Arrow' Quotes:

“Fool's crusade.”

“There were no doors left to be reopened.”

“No good options.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Multiple sub issues.”

'The Haunting Of Bly Manor' Quotes

“Used to be a daddy's girl until I grew up and I wasn't anymore.”

“You'll leave long before I do.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Seek court protection from its creditors.”

“Made their way to homes as best they could. In many cases those homes, if they still stood, were in a wasteland.”

“Unchanging landscape.”

“People conclude en masse.”

“No proper military infrastructure, few arsenals and a widely scattered population.”

“Unapologetic supporter.”

“Swab technique.”

“Selfless repository.”

“Unable to work or learn.”

“Most socially outcast and vulnerable.”

“Wrongdoing of ancestors.”

“Don't see value in them.”

“No love from the parents and community.”

“The world goes on without him.”

“Used to be normal and innocent.”

“College-going culture.”

“Has appalled him.”

“Lacks any democratic legitimacy.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“Social distancing was not even a word in our vocbularly yet.”

'Dirty Secrets Of American Food' Quotes:

“No one we asked would let us in.”

“Hog facility.”

“Faceal dust.”

“Hog country.”

“Tolerate visible feces.”

“Retail meat.”

“Not evolved to eat.”

“Resistant to our medicine.”

“Your milk could contain 50% more pus.”

“You do not want this in your country!”

“Fizzy pop.”

“May cause nerve disorders.”

“Pig farm is now a conference centre.”

“US style mega farms.”

'Charmed' Quote:

“Long ago forseen.”

'Drama Out Of A Crisis' Quotes:

“5th rate ponce!”

“Eat! Or it goes in the bins!”

“Shove your tea up your arse!”

“I'm bloody warning you!”

'Clown In A Cornfield' Quotes:

“Mom hand-me-downs,”

“Had his YouTube voice on.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Shirts split to his navel and impossibly tight trousers.”

“Wasn't immune to similar resentments.”

“It's soooo pre-Covid. It's so 2000, its not 2020.”

'The Stand' Quote:

“Too late by days, weeks, maybe even years.”

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