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The Haunting Of Bly Manor 1x03-1x05 + Star Trek Picard 1x04&1x05 Reviewed 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

The Two Faces, part 1

There is a one year ago flashback to Peter Quint and his shopping and Rolls. Miles is the villain of this whimsical piece. Henry was and is a drunk. Miles and Flora's manic energy is increasingly aggressive. The doomed Rebecca meets Quint. Is Oliver Jackson-Cohen using his real accent? Miles is a psychopathic narcissist criminally indifferent to his malign fecklessness.

Rebecca and Quint's meeting would have horrific consequences. This was not competent. Rebecca was funding a law degree. Miles causes serious adverse impact. Flora is weird. The brat child actors are impediments to joy. A cop shows up. Peter Quint stole from Henry and legged it. There are unfortunate encounters. Quint lurks around the house like a bad smell.

This was crude. Miles is bumptious and interest is drastically diminished. Quint was a driver/valet. Rebecca was shown the statue garden. One bush looked like a skull. Did nobody at this point do something about the Flora actress' ridic fake accent? Dani runs around with a poker. This was a disappointment. This is not adhering to the story. Anyone recall the older version with Balthazar Getty as Miles?

There are bad behaviours. This was drab. I wish Flora would shut up. This was incredibly boring and had no effectiveness. Miles and Flora cause unnecessary disruption. Rebecca was ultimately doomed and Miles is an utterly dismissive ungrateful idiot. This was no substantial. This causes grinding despair. Miles and Flora steadfastly refuse to comply.

The deranged harridan Dani is incapbale of making Miles obey. Peter was disconcerting. Miles has obvious resentment and impudence. There are hidden memories and Peter Quint was belittling and doom is tiresomely inevitable. There was a fracas and hopelessness. There is no utter reverence for the text. Henry is a QC. HOW?

Peter Quint seemed motivated by frustration and anger and he unleashed untold chaos. Miles has resentful glances and Quint faked being amenable. Rebecca changed her fate by going to Bly. This was valueless and this has no won approval. Interest is severly curtailed. What did Quint do to Rebecca? Dani is continously discouraged. What is she seeing? Miles does enticement. Quint was unacceptable. He and Rebecca got it on. Dani's room used to be Rebecca's.

Miles casts opprobrium – he should be locked up. Miles does provocation and public insults. This was lame. Miles and his mad rages and repeated offences and hysteria annoy. He and Flora are irresponsible. The kids aren't controlled and reasonable. Miles is not cordial. Rebecca haunts Bly. This was bloody boring. Miles is troublesome.

There is no anticipation. This was an annoyance. This was disastrous and it had dreadful acting. Quint stole some of Henry's wine. This was confusing. What was the point of this? Peter Quint gavbe Rebecca fur coat. This was disorientating and does not upend one's concept of reality. Something terrible happened. There are polaroids as Quint did selfies. There is no emotional engagement.

The housekeeper had collective seriousness. Why is one wing off limits? Why could Peter have the housekeeper fired? This was horrific. There were the darkest experiences. There are bizarre and confusing accents. Quint resented Bly. There is no imaginative potential. Miles and Flora are dementing viewers. Badness is tangible in the air.

There are abnormal reactions to abnormal situations. There was a terrible time. Quint played Rebecca. Quint was awful. Flora and Miles do grating high pitched performances. People are lost and hopeless and this was meaningless.

Quint had no goodwill and caused Rebecca painful feelings and difficult times and negative emotions. There were uncertainties. Dani is sad, anxious and frustrated. This was a failure and shockingly bad. There were transformative moments and Owen's mother dies. This was gruelling and the house is inhospitable. This was incompetent and there is an overabundance of bad child acting. There was no comfort or solidarity.

Best Lines:

“The Telegraph of course.”

“Russian poetry course.”

“Show his face here again.”

“Remember Quint all right.”

“Don't give him access to your bank accounts and you're probably all right.”

“Very own Mary poppins.”

“Wishing she might never leave and it turned out she never would.”

“Can't have got through what he stole already.”

“Sober enough to take him on.”

“Born cross.”

“Excessively large house.”

“Spent the morning cleaning vomit off the boy's jumper.”

“Sea of old men.”

“Growing up where I did.”

“He got away. She paid the price.”

“Wrong kind of love.”

“Why should anyone hate a lake?”

“Battered woman.”

“Asked me to taste his batter.”

“Knock your knickers off!”

The Way It Came

Horror has deep and bitter roots. Dani had a friend who she became engaged to. His name was Edmund. This was not challenging or eventful. There was misery and pain and Edmund's mother gifted Dani her own hideous wedding dress. Dani has long standing issues. There is loneliness and disenchantment at her engagement party. This was bonkers.

This was not complex or multi layered. There are no moving insights. There is expository dialogue and meaningful looks. Dani had vulnerability, despair and anxiety. There was adversity. All of humanity's problems stem from our inability to sit in a room. This was not thought provoking. This was unfulfilling and pedantic. There was negativity and one is disillusioned.

There was a conflence of crises. There is no original thinking. Dani is morose. She was engaged and didn't care. This was not an unqualified delight. Dani is mournful. Miles and Flora are ill educated narcissists and screaming nihilists. There are questionable choices. The raving mad brats arouse ire and there is persistent unwillingness to confront their tireless sniping.

The brats sow discord. What was Quint's dark purpose? He had a detrimental effect. This was not desperately tense. This was not stunningly ambitious. This was not incomparably odd. Quint's bullying led to regret that'll go on for years. Miles and Flora do gnomic utterances. Quint had amoral business. This was sheer ghastliness. There was inescapable danger and the unpleasant, truly wicked Quint has violent masculinity. The house is in a unrelentingly, stultifying situation.

This was crude. Quint caused terrible situations in his pursuit of his aim. Something in John Lennon specs causes Dani desperate fear. Something has implacable patience. Quint was unspeakably smarmy. Owen, Jamie and Mrs Grosee talk. There are recurring motifs. There is time marker music. Rebcecca Jessell was doomed. This was weirdly compelling. This was gormless and perfunctorily told. There is crushing despair.

This is dismissed as inferior. Dani skips the funeral of Owen's mother. There are painful decisions and this was wholly unnecessary. Flora minces. This was exceptionally dull and not impactful. Miles tantrums and will someone slap the strident brat? This was not compelling. Dani is bad at personal commitment. Dani has trauma and Miles is totally committed to being annoying.

Dani broke her fiance's heart in crazy horrible fashion and he was killed seconds later in a road accident. All due to her. This was not tense. Quint left a barbaric legacy. Dani is shambolic and this was florid and distinctly lacklustre and as cheesy as brie. Quint left lingering ugliness behind. There is no stygian horror in this relentlessly horrible show. There is a decline in interest. A bonfire is held and people let Miles' away with more crap.

There are psychotic delusions and Dani is a grotesquely incompetent source of systemic dysfunction. This was inglorious and mostly just bad. Miles has everlasting pique. This lacks credibility. There are nostalgic reveries around the bonfire and Dani has guilt and regret. This was very bad and effete. This was bogus. Dani is maniacal and she caused devastating pain and she gets some from the gardener. This was a catastrophic failure.

Flora and Miles are challenging and difficult. Miles and Flora lie. There is no hope of a good outcome. This was not alarming and disconcerting and there is palpable unrest. The brats give grave cause for concern. This was not meaningful and is deteriorating.

Best Lines:

“Dead doesn't mean gone.”

“Feel how I was supposed to.”

“Bone fire.”

“Wanted to want it.”

“From here on in, shadows get deeper.”

“Feel tired around.”

The Altar Of The Dead

There is drinking and driving and talking. Miles and Flora's useless parents are seen. Peter Quint was a jackass. There was yelling and who was Sam? Miles wore a flat cap and nearly killed the gardener. He got away with it. Rebecca and Quint were volatile. Memories flood back to Mrs Grosee and this was obvious.

Best Lines:

“End you!”

“Can't count on our future!”

Absolute Candor

Rios sucks. There is a planet of Romulan refugees. Picard has a pseudo son he abandoned. Patrick Stewart can't act, at all. Raffi is sick of Picard as are a lot of people. What is the Romulan Rebirth movement? There are Romulan warrior nuns?!? Picard does not impress anyone anymore. New characters bore. Picard faces backlash for his crap. When did Romulans become space elves? 7 of 9 shows up. Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Kill fire.”

“Chose to save no one.”

“Good old pain and violence.”

Stardust City Rag

Former Borg drones are ill used. Bruce Maddox shows up played by a different actor. When is 7 of 9 a vigilante now? Jurati is useless. Impossibly tacky clothes are worn. The Breen are mentioned. Raffi looks up her son. Picard does a silly accent. Where did his Romulan servants go? Raffi is rejected by her son. What is the conclave of 8? 7 of 9 has a past and there is a baddie with a stupid name. This was dreck. Will Picard shut his hole?!?!? There is murder and no mercy. Who captured the Borg cube?

Best Lines:

“Butchers ex Borg for parts.”

"Minor mercy of death."

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