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Trailers, Quotes & 1 Tape Tale

'The Stand' (2020) trailer

The new take on Stephen King's tale. There is corn and mmmmmm.

Best Lines:

“The world is now a blank page.”

“The world that was.”

“Their time is at an end.”

“Bitter days.”

'The Spanish Princess' season 2 trailer

They rule and the accents! Katherine somehow has pregnancy armour. Henry tantrums. Yes.

Best Line:

“Others the king looks to.”

'The Spell' trailer

A plane crash, hoodoo, Loretta Devine and a poor cat. Mmmm. Characters casually revel in arch-villainy.

Best Line:

“Fix you good!”

'The Spanish Princess' 2x02 promo


'Rivera' season 3 prmo

Moody gazing and Rupert Graves. No.

'Scanners' promo

“You murdered the future.”

'Leprechaun Returns' promo


'The Undoing' promo


Goat's cheese with honey, garlic & thyme – yum.

Salted caramel fudge – nice.

I'd try Turkish Delight doughnuts and salted caramel chocolate pot. I'd try pumpkin pecan pie and pumpkin and white chocolate ganache.

Cleared out 1 tape. 📼

My ex felt no obligation or connection. My ex rapidly disaffiliated from me. My ex = disgusting. My ex = undemonstrative. My ex ousted me. I feel ignored, unseen and uncared for. My ex did this with purposefulness. My ex had an emotional shutdown. My relationship turned to ash because my ex is a vile bag of garbage. I am a matter of indifference to him. He's wilful and he did me a terrible injustice. My ex = dauntlessly self centred. My ex and his spiteful machinations and I feel cold fury and am deeply unhappy. He gutlessly abandoned me without explanation. I have a festering grudge about his deep seated disrespect. I'm acrimonious. My ex = patently distrustful with no moral insight.

Recall Visionaries toys?

Recall Dick Francis?

I want a Dior Grand soir plisse precieux watch. I want a Boodles 1.68ct vivid orange-yellow diamond platinum and 19ct-yellow-gold scroll design ring. And I want a chaumet green torumaline diamond and 18 ct-white-gold Bee My Love Exquises cocktail ring. And I want a Ara Vartania Paraiba tourmaline, white-diamond and 18 ct-white-gold necklace.

Luxury cruise loners are being scrapped.

Recall 'Galaxy High' or 'The Virgin Queen'?

'The Domination' Quotes:

“The Domination was founded by losers.”

“The outcasts of western civilization.”

'Natural World' Quotes:

“Their claws can dig through concerete.”

“Walked the planet for over 40 million years.

'Beyond Reasonable Doubt' Quote:

“No good outcome.”

'The Haunting Of Bly Manor' Quotes:

“Scale of zero to American.”

“Christian concern.”

“Endless well of deep inconsolable tears.”

'The Irish Times; Quotes:

“Inevitable fall in compliance.”

“Protective behaviours.”

“Perceptions of compliance.”

“Shocking even by his standards.”

“Denounced from the pulpit.”

“Public intellectual man of letters who turns up giving his views on radio panels.”

“Rightly vilified.”

“No-holds-barred feuds.”

“Nothing new about popstars making idiots of themselves with their pronouncements on faraway conflicts which they barely understand.”

“Fading from the cultural memory.”

“You're gone everything you needed to accomplish artistically and then you're done.”

“Memory cull.”

“Warrior nation.”

“Potentially historic magnitude.”

“Continuing resonance.”

“Fade from consciousness.”

“More than actor (scarcely that, to some critics).”

“Town that has grown to resent him.”

“Undesirables, loitering.”

“Who among us has not at some point in their lives been unwittingly embroiled in a regional war by their estate agent?”

“Someone agreed to do something to fix a long-term source of conflict, didn't do it, didn't acknowledge this, then acted like you were ridiculous for being disappointed?”

'The File On Thelma Jordan' Quotes:

“You have father to complain to.”

“I can't tell all of it.”

“Think as he does.”

“Gambling raid photos.”

'Tales Of The Unexpected' Quotes:

“Romantic poets won't earn us any bread.”

“No more sponging George.”

“Well, what else can we do?”

'Death Sets Sail' Quotes:

“It's not a suprise at all that someone's done away with her.”


'The Stand' (1994) Quotes:

“Burning bodies in waste treatment facilities.”

“What's stirring in the weeds.”

'Doctor Who' Quotes:

“Keen eyes up there.”

“Talking rhinos.”

“Aliens on the moon.”

“I'm just useless.”

“60 million have dissolved into fat! And the fat is walking!”

“Peoples fat has come to life and is walking through the streets.”

“Oceans are closed.”

“Human harvest will commence!”

“I saw your command ship fly into the jaws of the nightmare child.”

“Everything we lost.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“You can get an excellent education at Cambridge or Princeton. Even if you don't, others will think you did, so the brand name will help you through life.”

“Professors they hardly ever met held forth in Dutch.”

“More will mean worse.”

“Paying $200,000 a year to fund a child's drinking habit.”

“Ill-educated Americans prejudices fears and worship of materialism.”

“You will never achieve all the things you dreampt of in your youth.”

“Omens are not good.”

“Has sensed the scope of what is coming down the tracks.”

“Choosing people who are seen as loyalists.”

“Sombre context.”

“Moral imprimatur.”

“Workless future,”

“Excuse drift.”

“Deliberately vintage in feel.”

“Poke fun at his academic interests.”

“Intergenerational social communities.”

“Events of decades ago still shape our world today.”

“Country estate burnt down in suspicious cirumstances.”

“Failed to understand her devastation.”

'Carrie' Quote:

“Make a good impression for once in your life!”

'Andre The Giant' Quote:

“He's sick and tired of you and what you stand for!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Deceitful email.”

“Refusal to consider.”

“Bullied or maligned.”

“Robustly vindicate and defend.”

“Wedding napkin brochures.”

“World is moving on without me.”

“Culture is moving ahead of where I am.”

“No goal or destination,”

“Forgotten prose.”

“There's no smiling politely at that.”

“Vile allegations.”

“Do you understand what you have just said? Withdraw it.”

“Vehement denial.”

“Left homeowners with no defences,”

“Veneer of easy loveability.”

“Shouted exchanges.”

“Devastating to his reputation.”

“Fundamentally misconceived.”

“Community I have been part of for my whole life has turned agaisnt me.”

“A stranger had shouted abuse.”

“About which he has never fully elaborated.”

“Lack of certainty.”

“Opposition's attempt to create a furore,”

“Science denial group.”

“A list of actions we should view with distrust.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Too much uproar.”

“Creep of vacancy and dereliction.”


“Encroching menance.”

“Darker and more poisonous.”

“Long-avoided truths.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Stick reliant.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Culture recovery fund.”

“Bone idle and work shy!”

'Dateline NBC' Quote:

“Suspicious littering.”

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