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Movie Reviews: Selfie From Hell + The Lost Boys Of Bucks County + The Naked Gun + Starman

Selfie From Hell (2018)

This film is a damning indictment of how the horror genre has gone downhill. Does one derive some benefit from watching this? No. There is simplistic reasoning and vocal fry and bad acting. What is orchestrating murderous attacks? This was ardently bad. Characters are twits high on their sense of self-importance. This was not coherent. How did one character get a doctor to make a house call? How is she living in a mcmansion? Things get odder and odder. This was unwatchable and underlit and desperately poor and a total farce.

Best Lines:

“Never heard of that url.”

“Rough area.”

“Psycho killers don't usually give you the heads up.”

The Lost Boys Of Bucks County (2020)

This is an okay documentary about how in 2017, 4 young men went missing. A rich boy killed them over drugs. This was bizarre.

Best Line:

“Crime of horrific nature.”

The Naked Gun (1988)

Ricardo Montalban is the baddie and OJ Simpson falls over a lot. Queen Liz II visits. This was dull, abject desolation – it's not funny.

Starman (1984)

Voyager II attracts an alien to Earth in this John Carpenter film. This was a cliche storm.

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