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Movie Review: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018)

A documentary about the late star. It has a lot of amusing vintage footage. 'Happy Days' changed everything for him as he turned a one off guest spot into 'Mork & Mindy'. We see many outtakes and he went to Julliard?!? Eric Idle speaks. This was hardly original. Man is what he wills himself to be, man is the sum of his actions. He lived the good life before things got absolutely desperate.

Dreams and intentions were futile. He used cocaine and left his 1st wife for a homewrecking nanny. Things ended in such an unpleasant way. He had a son by the 1st wife and 3 children by the second wife. He and Steve Martin did 'Waiting For Godot'. David Letterman speaks. He got divorced again and married a 3rd time. His 3rd wife's name is never uttered. He drank and had heart surgery. We see clips of 'The Crazy Ones' and he does not look good. He dies and this was okay.

Best Lines:

“Tease me with the power tools.”

“Generalised crazy person.”

“Interestingly hurt.”

“Different things become more important.”

“If he's such a genius, he can hit his mark.”

“Julliard really paid off!”

“Pay in white or green.”

“Went into a rant about ABC.”

“Running off with the nanny.”

“Very difficult clean.”

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