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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Unsolved Mysteries vol 2' promo


'Mank' promo


'Van Der Valk' promo

“Kill people they're not meant to.”

'The Sister' promo

“Digging up the woods.”

'Spitting Image' promo

Is that Dwayne Johnson?

'To The Lake' promo

A disease.

Best Lines:

“Don't forget what's going on.”

“Whatever happens to us. I will never forgive you.”

'Hudson & Rex' promo

Oh come on!

Toffee mini chocolate bites – yes.

Whiskey with ginger ale & lime – strong.

Black truffle & extra virgin olive oil crisps – yum.

I'm done with 'V Wars'.

Riz Ahmed was in 'Dead Set'?!?!

Was Miss Reed in 'Deadly Lessons' (1983) based on Jean Harris?

My ex didn't appreciate me. My ex had arbitrariness; his defining sentiment. My ex has disregard. My ex has ice inside his soul. My ex = frankly cruel.

'The Professionals' Quotes:

“I know you wear scruffy clothes these days, seen it on tv.”

“Not in your income group.”

“Can't be appealed to or relied on.”

'The Adventure Of The Creeping Man' Quote:

“Apart from being threatened by an unhelpful brute in an alley.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“Remained unresolved today.”

'Cosc' Quotes:

“Brought shame on her locally.”

“Awful for her.”

“Never accepted her, or her writing.”

“Men that love them.”

“Committe on evil literature.”

“Found her just foul.”

“Tale from a bygone era.”

“Sleeping in beds that were not their own.”

“Reputation was being maligned.”

“Received little support or sympathy.”

'Murder Made Me Famous' Quotes:

“Nothing particularly great.”

“Rationality is out the window.”

“Terrible, terrible letter.”

“Very high class private school.”

“Socialite families.”

“Come to school without a bra again, I'll have you expelled.”

'Foyle's War' Quotes:

“No more wars.”

“If it doesn't work, maybe we should be glad.”

“Harder to fit in than they might think.”

“Best you can do for yourself?”

“No spy ring of that magnitude could exist.”

“No 3rd alternative.”

“By some repute.”

“War reserves.”

“Will he live?”



“Lost me my job.”

“Gentleman types from the army.”

“My son when I had a son.”

“Not so I excuse him.”

“Who is this man and what is he doing in my house?”

“What is this place and what are you?”

“I know your type.”

“Gentleman's club.”

“One way of describing it.”

“Nothing so called about it.”

“Doubt his integrity.”

“Whiskey and a pistol.”

“How very Elizabethan.”

'Dead Set' Quotes:

“Must have tested something they shouldn't.”

“Does this mean we're not on telly anymore?”

'Be useful.”

“Which coast?”

“Whichever's nearest!”

“Cover his teeth!”

“Boot thing...bonnet thing!”

“Water door things.”

“You got a bio-dome, grow some f**king corgettes!”

“Dirty bastard.”


“Munch, munch.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Defining dynamics.”

“Commands to action.”

“Wiped out the prospective earnings.”

“Life was genuinely disappointing.”

“Crucial for the credibility.”

“Sought to take over entire neighbourhoods by attacking and intimidating parts of the local population.”

“Before disappearing never to be heard of since. I hope he's still alive out there sonewhere.”

“A political shill.”

“A moggy that sat affectionately and reassuringly on your knee when you were struggling with hard realities.”

“Various encounters with Covid-19.”

“Charges levelled at him were malicious.”

“Does not and has never provided cover for pandemics.”

“Can only spend what we earn.”

“Our concern is getting greater and greater.”

“Public patience is limited.”

“Done little to prepare public opinion.”

“Their fate is meant to be resolved”

“Who is loathed.”

“Implications that reach across Europe.”

“The demagogue's natural habitat is a balcony.”

“Co-operation and the lack of thereof.”

'Sherlock' Quotes:

“Suddenly realsing I probably owe you some sort of apology.”

“I really missed this!”

“Sorry again.”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“The story that's been agreed.”

“Sordid cocaine fuelled fantasy of the sick and rich!”

“Awash with emotion.”

“It must end well!”

'Death Sets Sail' Quote:

“You horrid people!”

'Urban Myths' Quotes:

“Miserable fat man playing a wonky piano.”

“Seen more life in a tramp's vest.”

“You're crap.”

“You're renting a Parisian garrett on the Left Bank and you haven't got an easel.”

“Squat and go.”

“Sicked it up on the page.”

“Took me ages that sentence.”

“You don't need to write like you're trying to impress your English teacher.”

'Unsolved Mysteries' Quote:

“Remains trader.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“Dull, stupid woman he married.”

“Find criminals in unexpected places.”

“Devil's herb.”

“Debt to the future.”

“Farmed here for 500 years.”

“We're really not friends anymore.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Sneer at God's creation.”

'Made In Chelsea' Quote:

“How could anyone like you?”

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