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Undiscovered Country Issues 7&8 + Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn Issue 2 Reviewed

Undiscovered Country Issue 7

There is exposition. What are cylclotrons and cyclotronic generators? So the US population did not know what was going to happen? What did happen and why? Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US possessions were abandoned. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“Allow every American to choose his or her fate.”

“The character of Uncle Sam was created during the Civil War. But weirdly, he was adopted by both sides so he was a conflicting persona.”

“Find and eradicate our agents. They are not backing down.”

“It does not seem likely to open up again at any point in the near future.”

Undiscovered Country Issue 8

They are dire warnings and people hold no affection for the characters. Why is time different? The gang end up in Unity City. There are more flashbacks and psycho-active nano-material. What became of Alaska? Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“I am so over all this cryptic bullsh*t.”

“What was once the United States Of America.”

“You don't want to put them through what's going to happen to this country.”

“That's the bargain you made.”

“Afraid the whole country had devolved into savagery.”

Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn Issue 2

The Jason of the coinless universe isn't dead, sadly. The art is amateur hour. It's 10 years since 'Green With Evil' in that verse. What is a ranger sentry? This was okay. Jason is a violent nut. WTF is Dark Specter? Scorpina is from the regular verse and somehow she ended up in the coinless verse. This was not suprising or original. Jason has a real sense of rage.

Why haven't the Black and Yellow ranger reclaimed their power coins? A new threat does not provoke a unified response. Jason is a tool, incapable of even terse civility. Drakkon repurposed power coins, strayed way off the moral path and oversaw the slow death of Zordon's dream. A new evil threatens ruin while Drakkon's evil effects live on.

Jason is stultifying monotony and there is a bleaker proposition. Urgent appeals are ignored. Jason does somehting selfish. There is no visionary change. There are disturbances and undeniable chaos. Jason is hostile and Drakkon was the personification of infamy. Kim isn't exalted or sainted or commanding trust. Not is she sufficiently vigilant.

Best Lines:

“She's a space monster. We beat space monsters.”

“These people are no friends of ours.”

“You know it's probably a space creature, yes? From space?”

“And Drakkon, he's really...”

“Dead. Finally.”

Oh thank god.”

“Earth would be forfeit.”

“He had a failsafe to destroy whoever beat him.”

“I am not a imbecile. Unfortunately, neither was Drakkon--”

“What are you doing?”

“Uh...comforting you?”

“I hate it.”

“Should I stop?”


“I'd rather die than watch you dishonor the rangers' memory more than you already have.”

“You're just scared. Because Drakkon taught you to be.”

“Fire or six hilariously easy-to-kill teenagers.”

“Put me in a prison I could never escape.”

“”Teenagers with attiude,” as the fool was so fond of saying.”

“Lady Drakkon?”

“World-conquering space witch?”

“I served her murderer.”

“I've spent enough time in the company of fascists.”

“Insane space-god.”

“My friend isn't actually dead. He thinks I'm a fascist.”

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