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Book Reviews: Go Go Power Rangers Volume Seven Necessary Evil + The Robber Bride

Go Go Power Rangers Volume Seven Necessary Evil

Time has been reset. Kim and Tommy kiss and 'Green With Evil' has been skipped over. This re-examines classic moments. Who was watching the teens kiss? Lord Zedd bothers and there is talk of the green candle. The MMPR did not treat Tommy like family. Lord I hate Jason. Matt annoys and Billy yells. Bulk and Skull bumble. The logic of this escapes me. This was okay

Best Lines:

“Try and look cool.”

“That's so not how buildings explode.”

“There'a giant rhinoceros monster, I'll take it on all by myself...with a tiny little dagger.”

“The first time I stepped in the Command Center...I was your enemy. But you saved me, you treated me like family,”

“The Dark Rangers were pointless. Untrained and unworthy.”

“Rita was a fool to create him the first place...”

“Throws a building-sized monster at you?”

“You do not want to mess with me today.”

“And mind control or not...he has tried to murder us.”

“Isn't he the victim here?”

“You picked the wrong garage, evil blue floaty guy!”

“Life gets not-normal again.”

“Tommy comes to town, then, two seconds later, there's a brand new Ranger on the team?”

“High up in a megazord trying not to focus on any buildings we may have crashed into.”

“Shadows of the enemies to come. Threats beyond Rita and Zedd. Threats not just to Earth, but...to everything. They're out there...watching. Waiting. And we have to stop them.”

Clay henchmeny things!”

“Look at that HD. Did they shoot this with a drone?”

“Another monster falls from the sky.”

“Make my wallet grow.”

tommy and kimberly | TumblrTommy and Kim 32 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Photo (41491867) - FanpopTommy and Kimberly you are best power ranger eve . What is best tommy ? To  Jason David Fran… | Power rangers costume, Pink ranger kimberly, Power  rangers cosplay

The Robber Bride by Maragaret Atwood

From the author of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and 'Cat's Eye' comes this tale of Roz, Charis and Tony. All 3 of them were wounded by the mainipulative, theieving, lying, man stealing slut Zenia who one by one ensnared their sympathy, betrayed their trust and treated their men as loot. This was good.

Best Line:

“All Charis has on her side is an absence, it's the absence of evil; whereas Zenia has the real story.”

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