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Control Z 1x03&1x04 + Adult Material (2020) 1x01 + 911: Lone Star 1x03 + The Twilight Zone 2x01


There is fanaticism, slander and no ethical standards. Luis is bullied and deeply unpopular. There are devastating moments and sexual and physical harassment. There are alienated and hurt people. People are severly impacted. Pink eye shadow is worn. Sofia is detached and remote. There is intimidation and an undercurrent of malice. The area is not an economic wasteland. There are petty bullies and a lot of negativity. There is an unfortunate impression made. Javier plays hero. There are resentful and aggressive yobs with vicious attiudes.

Teens are confrontational. This does not betray any nuance or thought processs. Sofia chats to Javier's dad via speaker phone. Sofia has a secret. There is no moral clarity and Sofia has aching loneliness and dread of the cuture. The thief tries to make money. The hacker provokes mischief and there are puzzling complexities. The thief lies and Gerry is insolent and a bully. Gerry gets away with his crap.

There is a fight due to rising resentment. There is fake blood and people are demoralised. Why isn't Gerry arrested for GBH? There is an inescapable conclusion. A love triangle develops. Luis ends up in a coma. The principle is useless. Sofia takes advantage of the comatose. The principle has a legacy of deficienices. Raul is abandoned by his parents. He's got a safe full of money.

Best Lines:

Pretty bad taste in men.”

“Dumping me in public.”

“2 thousand, is Gucci.”

“My son has no friends.”

“I just want to beat him up!”

“If your mom finds out, she'll never forgive you.”

“Don't play the victim here.”

“Why do you want to see 2 human beings fight?”

“Get hit by your daddy?”

“I don't understand what's happening.”

Night School

Sofia chews pills. She did self harm in the past. Gerry commited an action that cannot be undone. Raul plans a party for the entire school. Why isn't Gerry in jail for attempted murder? Gerry has useless parents. Gerry is expelled. Alex cries. Hipsters lurk. Raul's black eye has healed. 2 girls eat their lunch in the bathroom. Javier has a sister? Sofia gets a gift. Natalia is shunned.

Natalia is shunned some more. There are no momentous decisions. There are oft-controversial times. This does little to keep you engaged. The scourge that is young people annoys. People do disservices. Natalia has discord and division with her sister. There are consequential decisions and corrosive things happen. There is implicit criticism. There is no constructive engagement. There is a souring of relationships.

Sofia's mother is so stupid. This was not plausible. There is a bitter campaign and a rejection of a proposal. People have questionable reliability. Natalia is indiffernt to the consquences. There is publicly aired disagreement. This was an absolute mess. There is illusory and short lived happiness. Natalia is a moron. There is in your face aggression and casual defiance. There are destabilising events. Gerry shows up at at the party.

There is serious risk in this calamitous ep. This was a failure at several levels. Gerry starts another fight. There is no unity of purpose and there are deep misgivings. There is endless carping. Sofia dominates discussion almost to the exclusion of anyone else. There is an inexcusable point of crisis. Things are at an impasse. There is no urgent necessity. There is no adequate response. There is persistent rhetoric and Javier legs it. Sofia gets some from Raul. There are angry and resentful poeple and Sofia is in peril.

Best Lines:

“Goes way beyond a mistake.”

“Not a resentful person.”

“Watch out. A lot of wackos here.”

“Given him a lot of chances.”

“Your chicken is pretty cool.”

“Parties make me a little nervous.”

“You're nothing without me!”

“You're so selfish!”

“No one wants you here.”

“Look at us weird dude.”


This is the start of a four part saga about the UK porn industry. Sheridan Smith was supposed to be in this but isn't. Jolene Dollar is a legendary porn star. She's seen the industry go from a backroom industry to mainstream. Her eldest daughter is ashamed of her. She's a terrible mother, she overlooks the daughter's boyfriend sexually assaulting her in her house!

Jolene Dollar makes sex noises in a car wash and has a slutty keyring and drives a pink Audi. Rupert Everett plays the UK Hugh Hefner. Jolene has hooker nails and eyelashes. There is a pile of used condoms and Amy is a newcomer to the industry. Jolene works for Bang Cherry. Amy wants impending glories but things go badly for her.

Jolene Dollar is infamous. There is unsexy filming and talk of sleazy US porno guy. Amy is under pressure and injured. Nobody seems to care. Jolene Dollar has kids and one is unsure how many and who the fathers of them are. Jolene does cams filmed by her hubby. There is much working class yelling. Jolene ignores the sleazy boyfriend.

There are dreams and this was unsubtle and Jolene gets an STD in one of her eyes. The eldest daughter is teased at school with her mother's own brand sex toy. This was woefully inadequate. Amy ends up on crutches and attacked and a party goes awry thanks to the US perv. This was all poisonous images.

Best Lines:

“He's on my No List.”

“Once it's on the menu, it's not coming off.”

“Done a lot of stuff, just not that.”

“Eat pesto out of the jar.”

“Nicked my content!”

“It's mine and it's not for sale.”

“2001; storylines were still in fashion.”

“Waste of MDMA.”

Texas Proud

There is yelling. Rob Lowe's junkie son is a firefighter?!? Since when?!? Liv Tyler looks for her sister. The sister's boyfriend won't help. A yoga idiot falls off a balcony. This was not good.

Best Line:

“Only way out for you now is down.”

Meet In The Middle

Jimmi Simpson babbles and wails and does the whole Emmy reel crap. No.

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