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Trailers, Quotes & 24 Tape Tales

'Control Z' trailer

A Mexican 'Veronica Mars' knock off. So much glass, a hacker and I'll watch.

Best Line:

“I observe.”

'China Beach' opening credits

Who recalls this show? Robert Picardo blighted this show with his foul presence.

'Ravenous' trailer

A French Canadian zombie film. No. Guns and a thing.

'Doctor Who: Turn Left' promo


Extra crunchy sea salt & black pepper crisps – okay.

Gluten free cashew, dark chocolate and cherry nut bar – nice.

Potato gratin – nice.

Soft cheese with feta & kalamata olives – yum.

Mint collection – yum.

I want an oyster perpetual date just 31 in 18ct white gold watch. I want a Louis Vuitton stellar times sapphire, emerald, diamond, platinum and white-gold planete bleve necklace. I want Elizabeth Gage blue moonstone, diamond and gold earrings. I want Agent Provocateur Mirabelle lingerie. I want a Patek Philippe rose-gold watch. I want a wax candlestick.

RIP Frankie.

I palpably loathe my ex. My ex = most disappointing. My ex asbsented himself. My ex has an attendant lack of remorse. My ex = selfish bastard. My ex caused a considerable negative impact. I feel profoundly sad and my ex has a dismissive attiude. He's morally indedensible. My ex didn't give me the bleak courtesy of an explanation after his utterly unforseen and inexplicable ghosting. My ex is pestilential and capriciously malevolent. My ex = appallingly cruel. One feels bleak, sad. My ex won't reinsert himself in my life – my relationship was invaribaly doomed. My ex = unsentimental and caused anguish and frustration. My ex had savage indifference. My relationship did not self expire. My ex cruelly abandoned me. There is no closeness or concern.

Recall 'Point Pleasant' or 'The Pretender'?

Who saw 'The Hours', 'The Last Supper' (1995), 'Naked' or 'Strapless'?

What is burnt uda cream? What are onion straws?

I'd try Korean tacos and Korean fried chicken and chocolate orange ice cream. I'd try banh mi?

When will Cineworld reopen?

I cleared out 24 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

Rewatched 'The Last Witch': how did Alice get out of jail? What became of Miranda's lodger? What is with the knife? What became of Alice's baby? How did the Jane possessed dog find Alice? Didn't Kate have broken bones after the accident? Why was Jane a far more powerful witch than Alice? It was okay. There were belligerent manouvres, a dreadful plight and a grim feeling. There were sourer moments and Alice was a chaotic presnece and caused awful circumstances. Maimie McCoy and her porn queen name was in this.

I'll review 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 12' and 'Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Confirmatory test.”

“Politically weaponised mask wearing and social distancing.”

“So incredibly irresponsible.”

“Failed response.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Make things happen for yourself.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Restrictions on all of our lives.”

'How To Survive a Murder' Quotes:

“God ordains everything that comes to pass.”

“My own know me.”

“She's not moving and he's not stopping.”

“Do something terrible again.”

“Nice people don't do these things.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Congregated settings.”

“No empirical, objective and verifiable evidence.”

“Wrangled with heavy decisions.”

“Impose these views through the law.”

“Falsely accused of complicity.”

“Complained in a letter to the Vatican.”

“Sense of confinement.”

“Antiquated beyond rescue.”

“Implicit deal.”

“Unlikely alliance.”

“Liberal artistic fondness.”



“Threatened the critic's role in culture.”

“Being asked in my 50s to write about Harry Styles or Taylor Swift.”

“Assert our own agency.”

“Canons can exclude people.”

“Used to be quite famous.”

“Rocky IV remains a key text of the Reganite ascendancy. Brigitte Nielsen swaggers like an Amazon. James Brown sings Living In America.”

“Far beyond parody.”

“Exactly whom their countires needed to be taken back from was left unsaid.”

“Built it and intends to keep it.”

“Feel somehow aggrieved or set upon.”

“Confront its denial over what they had done to the world – and to themselves -”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“Some bloody lunatics have just kidnapped the UN's chief negotiator!”

“Defending global security against a hostile civilization.”

“That should have the crowds flocking to the cinemas.”

“Rightly discounted as a mixture of fantasy and paranoia.”

“Long alleged.”

“Not welcome in the country you claim to be defending.”

“We are within our rights to kill him.”

'The Robber Bride' Quotes:

“Something ordinary but horrifying is taking place.”

“The unbearability of it all.”

“The years became other years.”

“Innocent was never Zenia's favourite adjective for herself.”

“Likes to think of her as kind and beneficent. And forgiving, of course.”

“She has a historian's belief in the salutary power of explanations.”

“It looks like poor people's underpants.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Who haven't been able to achieve anything in public life themselves, who have no sense of responsibility.”

“Constrained existence.”

“Suspect that something was not right with his behaviour.”

“Unpredictability of events to come.”

“Rising ideological challenge.”

“Ideological challenge.”

“Two dominant value systems on one planet.”

“Questionable interior-design choices.”

“To survey the world and know that all its disorders are due to the malignity of a single group of mysterious plotters.”

“This lack of enemies should have been a clue.”

“Strangely old fashioned reference points.”

“Outmoded world of dime novels.”

“Ravenous appetite for status.”

“World in which there is only us and those like us.”

“Crises in European thought.”

“Total musical inability was an essential qualification.”

“Each the other's nightmare past.”

“Can pop into almost any setting and withstand huge societal change.”

“Locked in a mawkish bromance with his Dr Watson.”

“Incense modern sensibilites-”

“Disregarded his future for their present.”

“Pursuit of profit turns violent.”

“Hard to know from which direction the menace comes.”


“Celebrity coroner.”

“Living on life borrowed from human wrecks.”

“Forge channels of communication with the death.”

“National mania.”

“Noble rot.”

'The Last Witch' Quotes:

“Last one died in 1928.”

“How do you know she won't murder us in our beds?”

“Demonic practices.”

“Cursed me to walk the Earth forever.”

“That's the first interesting question you've asked.”

“Pushed her down a well.”

“Can't go back to the house, ever.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:

“Send me a photograph of the fridge with nothing in it saying, “Where's the food?”.”

“Buying underwear is pleasurable.”

“A beautiful auction catalogue there wouldn't be a single book by or about a woman.”

“Libraries of great estates, collected by men to be passed on to posterity.”

“It doesn't cost £10k. It should.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Sole intention.”

“Did I feel bad about that then? Not as much as I should have done.”

“Dommandeered and demanded a disproportionate amount of attention ever since.”

“Children give themselves a narrative about their childhood.”

“Use that narrative to her own advantage.”

“We don't do god.”

“Not good at backing down.”

“To wide acclaim.”

“Love and comfort and attention.”

“The family, who aren't really acting as family to her.”

“Heavy with melancholy.”

“Feels unheard.”

“Sense of occasion.”

“Nostalgic sentiments.”

“Ilya had violently screamed at me.”

“So far beyond legal limits.”


“Publicly vilified.”

“Constant posturing.”

“Descended into acrimonious exchanges.”

“Notable forebearance.”

“Munitions of war.”

“Cultural intergration.”

“Doomsday planes.”

“Hidin' Biden.”

“Ill-time mockery.”

“Ungracious tone.”

“Of modest ability.”

“Did not ascertain the facts.”

“Bitter personal feud.”

“Loyal accceptance.”

“The ruin of.”

“Dark resurgence.”

“The outcome has been favourable to him.”

“Responded with glee.”

“Righteous reporting.”

“Winter and non-winter.”

“Whose life isn't as fine as she tells herself it is.”

“A detective who can never be certain of they're right.”

“Widely predicted to be the last.”

“A list of actual Enemies-”

“Vile people to persecute her-”

“To the fascination of passing truck drivers.”

“Ghastly things done around them.”

“Spirit of grievance.”

“Canoodle with prostitutes placed in the woods by his servants.”

“Long-held assumptions.”

“Prejudicial to the common good.”

“Organise their life for them.”

“The patience or inclinaiton to do so.”

“Infantile chaos.”

“The grimmest truth.”

“No joy left.”

“How much of how we feel about a person is dependent on the facts of them, and how much is shaped by what we long for.”

“Prospective features.”

'Malcolm In The Middle' Quotes:

“Dog crap slingshot.”

“His bike that you super glued to the traintracks.”

“Algebra pills.”

On 'Hollyoaks': this was a classic repeat that featured teens in swimwear and were TPTB intent on seriousness. Max is a bad friend to OB. Izzy and Chloe go to a spa. WHO ARE THEY? There was rampant vulgarity and no Kazan-like-grit. Or grim possibility.

Best Line:



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