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Control Z (2020-?) 1x01&1x02 + Brave New World (2020) 1x01 + Doctor Who 3x10 Reviewed

Birthday Girl

Righteousness does not reign at a Mexican National School. What is a national school? Friends can become enemies and knowledge can become blackmail and secrets can become weapons in this Mexican 'Veronica Mars' knockoff. A hot popular girl and an unpopular slob girl with mental health issues become unlikely allies after a hacker spews secrets. Smart phones are wielded.

This was dubbed. Who is the prepetrator? The slob girl, Sofia, is not liked. Sofia is a c student. Sofia's father is dead. Sofia was in a nut ward and students have sex in the janitors closet. Pain and hatred will unfold. The hacker stirs hatred and conflict. There is something very wrong with the hacker. This was unsubtle and overt. There is no transcendent moral order just flagrantly amoral types and hypocrisy.

There is vicious self-aggranisement by students. People are smeared as a hacker reveals secrets and lies generating paranoia. Someone is lying unconscionably. A new student is the son of a football star. There is ostenatious bullying. The popular girl ends up miserable when she is exposed.There is an AllYourSecrets tag. There is an erosion of care and a diminution of respect. There is inescapbale sadness.

The popular girl is memorable and notorious now. There is lingering resentment and humilation. The hacker blackmails. There are sombre attiudes and insecurity and worry and lingering ambivalence and blase reactions. This was an okay start to a fascinating journey. There is some dissatisfaction.

There is a useless mother and people are recrationally aggrieved. Sofia makes a friend and her mother has a boyfriend. There is an alienating din of social media and a conspiracy.

Best Lines:

“There's shampoo for that.”

“Problems with your teachers, problems with your classmates.”

“Learn her place!”

“His dad is god.”

“That girl is psycho.”

“Banging Miss Mexico or what?”

“They're all a bunch of idiots here.”

“Observing and seeing are 2 different things.”

“Kitten sticker on your backpack.”

“Responsible use of cell phones.”

“Choose better friends.”

“It won't end well for you.”


The hacker strikes. There are nudie pics and thievery exposed. As is a liking for porn of the m/m variety and a crooked dad. It is an incredibly emotional time and lab coats are worn. Teens are frankly furious and this was fanciful. There are slightly sinister teens and Sofia finds it all amusing. There are vague notions and an ideological sting and incompetent, reckless teachers. There is bitter disappointment in people.

There are no rational decisions and a psychological impact and uncertainty. This was a purgatorial experience. A bitchy girl bitches. People are craven and calculated. There is physical violence and there is a negative impact. There is disillusionement. People are much maligned and enraging, depressing, absurd events take place. There is unnecessary anxiety and people slip through the cracks. Who is causing the turmoil? The school is a bear pit. There is societal trauma and wilful disregard. There is a proliferation of accusations and the hacking is the most shattering of developments, it shatters relationships.

There is chronic uncertainty and teens are praise hungry. This is hilariously dramatic with people talking in over the top tones. Teens are incredibly combative. Teens issue judgments and this was grimly gripping. There are irreparable divisions. There is appalling hideousness that dangerously disrupt. There are cold voices and brash antics and this is a deadly serious matter. This is disturbingly bizarre. The hacker demolishes credibility and there is no profound friendship. Teens are always driven by base motives.

People are indescribly altered as they are malignantly affected. There are negative messages and the hacker sets off widespread distrust. There is no contemplation or reflection. Teens ahve self serving motives and a boy, Luis, is bullied in plain sight. Nobody cares or has serious concerns about the threat of violence. Bullies are self valorising. People live with the consequnces and there is moral cowardice.

There is sex in classrooms. The politican's son worries. There is a dangeorus narraitve and publicly reckless people. Sofia has social isolation and there is rancour and resentment. The principle could be Sofia's stepdad. There are disruptive actions and bitter people and anxious people and shamed people and toxic gossips. The governor shreds paper and punches his son in the face. There is an absence of tension.

There is emotive language. There is fear of denunciaiton and moral cudgels. There are indignant people. This was unappealing. There is no emotional connectiton. This was not terribly impressive. There is self protection and fate leads the willing. People are cruelly castigated. The public are losing. There is an ugly reality of whiny and nasty people. A lawsuit is threatened. There is insoucicance. A claim is made. There are guns, threatened poverty and there are consequnces. There is no deep rumination.

Best Lines:

“Don't play your little games with me.”

“Peed on her son's backpack.”

“That term is a little aggressive.”

“No reason to judge people.”

“You spent it on purses and stuff.”

“Earn the things we get.”

“Go after the corrupt with everything.”

“Spent a month in the psych ward and everyone knows about it.”

“Give me your phone. I'm not asking you.”

“Talk bro!”

“Cut it with the bad attiude please.”


This take on the Aldous Huxley 1930s book was idiocy. People in New London live in enraged ignorance and have disapplied standard moral rules. The one from 'Harlots' prances and tries to outdo the 1998 tv movie. Everyone is very happy in a world where monogamy, privacy, money, family and history are banned. Slut wear is everywhere. A woman is accused of having an exclusive sexual relationship. Oh the horror!

Actors mumble. People report on each others sex lives. There is talk of a rocket to the savage lands in America. People pop pills to be happy. There are catagories of people. The savage lands look like 'Westworld'. People talk like they are brain damaged. People conduct sterile orgies. People are wilfully clueless and love their human caterpillar like sex orgies.

This was not genuinely unsettling or intriguing. There is wilful ignorance in New London. Menawhile John lives in the savage lands and gets beat up by peevish savage landers. New London is an appallingly selfish society. CDS are found 8 feet down. Why don't they make music anymore? What made the world like this? The savage lands seem to have leg waxing and cosmetic surgery.

This was not meaningful. Weirdoes accost John. New Londoners wear contact lens that have weird tendrils. Eeeeww, eeewww. What's the bit of paper? Privacy is considered disgusting even when you're on the bog. Perfidious people plot. John has nostalgic tenderness for music. This was inadequate. There is sexual coercion and Bernard is a sad sack. There is no complexity or depth. What is Indra? Jessica Brown-Findlay plays Lenina. Demi Moore is John's mother. People are relentessly positive in New London. This was extremely disappointing. Privacy is greeted with shock and dismay.

Best Lines:

“Focus on one's duty.”

“Everyone belongs to everyone else.”

“You've been private lately.”

“Privacy is a vice.”

“Actual savages.”

“Miseries of the old world.”

“If they stop coming, we don't eat!”

“Rare totemic artefacts.”

“That horrible woman was out there with those vile children. She gives me nasty looks.”

“They love nothing. They believe in nothing.”

“We going to tear it all down.”

“Act your level!”


Russell T Davies wrote this. Colin Morgan guest stars. A star emits deadly radiation and the planet is totally uninhabitable. There is a resort and a bus tour on it. The train stops and somehting knocks. The planet is bathed in xtonic rays which should kill any life. Some annoying woman screams and then everyone screams. The driver and mechanic are killed off screen. There is no thought and no known life is capable of exisitng on the planet. So what is out there? The Doctor atones for his misjudgement. The thing does malicious and evil action. The Doctor drastically misjudges those around him. There is paranoia. And did the thing die at the end? Nobody knew the hostess' name. This was mmmm and full of baffling narrative chocies.

Best Lines:

“Taking a big spacetruck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon.”

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