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Life (2020) 1x01 + TNG 7x24-7x26 + 911: Lone Star 1x02 + The Twilight Zone 1x10 + Veronica Mars 4x08

Life (2020) 1x01

This BBC1 drama is set in a Manchester house divided into 4 flats. Gail, Belle, David and Hannah live there. This was not emotionally resonant and it was dull. People have polemical skills. Peter Davison, Adrian Lester and Rachael Stirling star. This has awful opening credits. An old woman has an awful nagging hubby (Davison). He does condemnations and vilification of his wife.

A young couple are having a baby. There is also an ex and confusion over which of them is the baby daddy. They are all idiots. A career woman has a mental case sister and a wild child niece. The career woman has to take her niece in. The mental case and her aggressive daughter are useless. The abused 70 year old woman had vile children – she is sick of her husband and greedy children. Things escalate dramatically – she's tired of the wretched lot of them treating her like a complete imbecile.

A widower (Lester) is tempted by a slut. This was not brilliant, it grates on your nerves. These non-endearing people aren't blessed with stable relationships. Tensions grow and the slut stalks the widower to his class. She is a slut, an utter utter blatant slut. Belle the career woman puts up with her niece. Gail the abused wife wants to leave. Why is Gail orange? The pregnant fool won't go to hospital and gives birth in minutes on her floor.

Gail wants a life untainted by her hubby. This was truely catastrophic and painfully earnest. The abusive husband claims to be dying – he is lying. Who is the baby daddy?

Best Lines:

“Where does the joy come in your life?”

“What do you really love?”

“She wouldn't intrude!”

“She would!”

“I love English me.”

“Police turned up as well and she fought em.”

“Mental people.”

“I was cutting my arm with a kitchen knife in front of my daughter!”

“He's awful to you.”

Preemptive Stike

Lt Ro returns and then leaves with the Maquis never to be seen or mentioned again. The Maquis vanished too. Chakotay is mentioned, though not by name. This was a set up for 'Voyager', Ro was supposed to be on it and 'DS9' but wasn't. Picard is a ravening loon hypocrite, Riker is accepting of Ro running off to join the Maquis and she is sad. She got a friend, who died.

Best Lines:

“He resigned and left to join them.”

“If it weren't for you, my life would be a very different one right now.”

“Sympathy has to end at some point.”

“Learned to be cautious of strangers.”

All Good Things part 1

Bad trouble unfolds. Picard rants like a loon and has a serious mental disorder. John de Lancie, Denise Crosby, Andreas Katsulas and Colm Meany guest star. Picard sees the past and a possible future. The future shown in this ep never happened. There is bad old age makeup. Picard works in a vineyard. Things of apocalyptic proportions happen.

Picard was an ambassador. Romulus didn't blow up in this future. The plot resists nuanced draamtic interpretation. Riker has dismissive distaste in the future. Geordi lurks – he hooked up with Leah. Riker is aggrieved. This was unimpressive grim fare. Tasha Yar is seen. Picard sees the future that never was and overacts wildly.

Crusher wears WAY too much eye makeup. Data's not dead in the future. Q has smirking ripostes. This was not a dramatic situation. A future Cambridge is seen. Data has at least 8 cats in the future. There are no really big implications. Picard is volatile. Crusher and Picard kiss. They got married and divorced in the future.

There is yet another new combadge. What happened between the UFP and Klingons in the future? Crusher is captian of a medical ship. Worf was on the High Council. Crusher changed her name. Picard really annoys.

Best Lines:

“Frightfully trying at times.”

“Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.”

“Course it's hot. What ya want innit?”

“A lot of things can happen in 25 years.”

“Obtuse piece of flotsam.”

“Allowing Federation medical ships to cross the border.”

“End to your trek through the stars.”

“The Klingons have closed their borders to all Federation starships.”

All Good Things, part 2

Picard is an injustice collector. Crusher shrugged off the USS Pastur blowing up. The Enterprise D is still functional. Anti time is a thing. Old Worf and Riker fight. Picard is a jackass. Data hled the Lucasian chair of mathematics. The modified D had a 3rd nacelle and a cloak. Warp 13 is a thing. Picard rants. This was dull. Where is Q in 'Star Trek: Picard'? This was distinctly underhwhelming and Picard finally joins the crew for poker.


People in an office act crazy en masse. It's mercury poisoning and wouldn't they have tasted the mercury in the sandwiches? Liv Tyler looks for her sister. Stuff happens. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“One minutes she was fine, the next she was somebody from 'Birdbox'.”

“People go straight 'Birdbox'.”

“Is he doing a thing?”

“The sunshine child.”

“You cook meat in the dirt here?”


A meta-fiction ep with Seth Rogen and bad acting. This was stupid.

Best Line:

“The reapers will be out soon.”

Years, Continents, Bloodshed

Big Dick was the bomber? Big Dick dies. The 2 Mexican hitmen head home and get away with it all. Veronica uncovers a murder. Parker shows up. Veronica never said sorry for what she did to Parker. There is a new high school for rich kids called Kane High. Penn has a pee funnel. Veronica and Keith make asses of themselves. Pizza boy is the second bomber. Veronica gets married. Clyde lurks. Veronica has a wedding dress et al all ready after arresting a bomber?!? Veronica whines. The cops never checked Veronica's car? Logan dies as Penn's final act. Veronica gets glass to the face but walks it off. Time passes and Neptune changes. Nobody mentions that the baddie from season 2 had the exact same evil plan. Veronica lost her house. The police chief leaves. Veronica leaves after seeing Logan's shrink. Who is Keith's girlfriend? Matty is the new Veronica. What did Dick think about his dad being murdered by cartel hitmen?

Best Lines:

“Gone are the dive bars.”

“Way back when.”

“Triple coupon tuesday.”

“Only 40% of America thinks Penn did it.”

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