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Book Review: Die Standing

Star Trek Discovery: Die Standing by John Jackson Miller

After ending up in the UFP's universe, the mirror universe Philippa Georgiou wants her empire back. But instead Section 31 comes calling and so unfolds an adventure involving Finnegan, Leland, Cornwell, Emony Dax and a vampire cloud.

Georgiou is an inherently bad person with moral complexity and people are instinctively repelled by her. There are bad consequences to Georgiou, her plans now shattered – she is an intriguing and unsettling anti-heroine in this very good, suspenseful tale. Mirror universe Lorca is mentioned, but the real Lorca is not.

Georgiou finds the UFP new and different and interesting and a new world of possibilities and fun. We get hints of the different history and culture and formative moments of the MU. Georgiou has murdeorus villainy and a narcissistic desire to rule. Oddly MU Terrans light sensitivity isn't mentioned. This was engrossing and compelling.

Georgiou does outright provocation and asserts dominance. She's grindingly unpleasant and fascinatingly dark and gratuitously vitriolic. But there are indescribably awful people up to more undesirable activities than Georgiou and she is grimly insistent on her own great ness.

Best Lines:

“You seem to have forgotten the reason the Terran Empire does anything: Because we can.”

“She suspected Gabriel Lorca of having plotted against her – why should he be different from anyone else?”

“Few traces of her legacy survived the destruction of the I.S.S. Charon.”

“Don't give me any yap about your civil rights.”

“Pretending to be a Trill, the disguise of choice for humans who wanted to look alien but didn't want to put too much effort into it.”

“A genetic cesspool, populated by the trash of the universe.”

“The dilithium's on the third planet. I should know – I reduced it to its mantle supplying my ships.”

“One's progency had no ambition or ability;”

“The mental ward's mounted an organized insurrection!”

“Vile relative.”

“Your counterpart works for my cousin.”

“Doing what?”

“Hopefully not my cousin.”

“Traversed by a killer cloud.”

“Wasn't conducive to societal stability.”

“The cloud ate my job!”

“Doesn't have the sullen look that says she's lost faith in everything she's ever believed in.”

“Think like a murderer. Think like a murderer.”

“Hating all day?”

“Famous across the stars-”

“Terra eterna.”

“Star-on-star violence.”

“So he could show me his telescope.”

“I'm guessing that's not a euphemism.”

“Tragically, no.”

“Comparing him to someone he's not, and should never want to be.”

“You're a bad person from a bad place-”

“Sailing some interdimensional mushroom highway.”

“Veering off the path of decent behaviour.”

“You were dissected by Klingons and served to their livestock.”

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