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Book Review: Stage Fright 👎

Stage Fight by Garrett Boatman

This 1988 horror has been reprinted. It is a tale set in then future 1990s that has a WTC mention, an Apple word processor, a belt buckle tape recorder and a future technology that can beam images into your mind and it is called dreamies. White jeans are worn and the plot is utterly incoherent. Bad stuff happens because of the dreamies. There is a drug and a man who goes nuts. This was badly written and makes no logical sense.

Best Lines:

“One of my fans. They're not the most stable people in the world.”

“A maniac dressed in a bird costume.”

“Buy a dozen hot radios one of the neighborhood junkies was selling for a few bucks appiece.”

“Beget everlasting suffering.”

“His scrotum shrinks at the horror.”

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