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The Barrier (2020) 1x01+Harlots2x07&2x08+Motherland Fort Salem 1x09&1x10+Biohackers 1x04&1x05+1 more

Another World

Disease. Poverty. A fence. A dystopian Madrid. This dubbed Spanish thriller is set in a city after World War III. People are very well dressed for a post apoc world. There was a forceful government response.

This was not credible from the start. There is a gun. A man, his wife and kids scream. The father was going to kill his twin daughters until he was hauled off and his wife and children were left behind. What's on the twins necks? This show is studiously ignoring sense and the post apoc is a shadow on the family. This was nonsence and there is a time skip.

Fashions change. There are recurring, tiresome tropes. An appalling, ultra-nationalist, xenophobe government menace the milquetoast characters. This was average. There is a murder in a brothel where 'sexy' costumes are worn. This is a lowest common denominator universe. This was an awful burlesque effluvium.

Spain is headed in a grim new direction. This was oddly inert and empirically bad. There is a fight scene and elaborate hairdos and good grooming for a post apoc world. Who are these people? The baddies wear putting on the reich uniforms. This was unsubtle and there is deadly loyalty. There is no ideological gain. This was a fiasco and who are these people caught up in a maelstorm?

There is brazen disavowal of social responsibility and logic. There is misanthropy and difficult people. What virus are people on about? People have few financial reserves to draw on. There are no dramatic events just exposition. This was a relative failure. There is social unrest in this farce. There are volatile times and what about the rest of the world?

The son in law and his idiot brother blunder. There is a drone. A granddaughter is snatched. People are profoundly damaged. There are secrets and latent risk. There has been a serious deterioration of democracy. This was a historic mistake. I've no idea what is going on and nor do I care.

Best Lines:

“Destroyed our environment as we knew it.”

“Future will belong to all of us again.”

“Peoples Council Of New Spain.”

“The future belongs to us.”

“Thirsty and out of control.”

“We have nothing.”

“Big international conflict.”

“Don't have any idea how to cure.”

“Can't say anything that gets her in trouble.”

“Colonies for children.”


Margaret has a track record of making the wrong decision. There are crooks, quacks and idiots and intensifying hostility. Charlotte and Isabella got it on. People are strikingly insincere. Lydia plots. One does not really, really love to hate Lydia. Lord Fallon is arrested. Lucy is an idiot. Lucy earns scorn.

This was not creatively ambitious. How can Nancy stomp around London dressed like that? Emily's desperate. Isabella's idiot daughter shows up. Margaret is sent away. Charles heads home. Harriet takes over Emily's house. Isabella's daughter Sophia is thick. Lydia sells Isabella out. This show would be better without Lucy. Retribution is exacted. Sophia is an idiot. The Lord Chief Justice turns on Lydia. As for Lydia, she can't help herself, she's awful. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“What concern is it of mine?”

“You creep home like a befouled alley cat.”

“Drag you there in your stays.”

“Taken to her reckoning.”

“Wrong entrance mister!”

“Threatened me with bedlam.”

“Earned yourself a fitting ending.”

“The fate he has planned for her.”

“Tell her a different truth.”

“No one could ever love you Lydia.”

“I demand she knows justice.”

“Whore in waiting.”

“Lampooned in the scandal rags!”

“Not be believed.”

“The house I live in is respectable and dangeorus.”


Rich bastards plot. Lydia is shameless. Cherry is at Lydia's. Fallon and Blayne plot. Lucy finally learns how stupid she is and has been. Lord Fallon gets his. Blayne lurks to be the baddie for series 3. I don't care. I really don't. Lydia is disgusting. Lucy heaves her bosoms. Sophia abandons her mother and then changes her mind.

Isabella heads home. Charles is a moron. Emily loses everything. Charles is sick of his mother and sends her to bedlam. Lydia's idiot whore takes Blayne's coin. Lydia knew what Blayne was and that she was handing Sophia over to her uncle/father and didn't care. The preacher is Lydia's keeper at bedlam. Where is the fat one's baby? This was diabolical. Blayne is still loose. There is wanton endangerment and this was consistently negative. Lydia elicited wrath for cynically inciting matters.

Best Lines:

“She did no murder.”

“Angry, vengeful women.”

“Bad look in her eyes.”

“Vile tale.”

“Go back to the gutter.”

“Letting your mother's property escape!”

“Fit only for rough usage.”

“Booted her into a ditch!”

“One male relative is all it takes.”

“Tavern whores.”

“Unnatural bastard!”


More witches with their vocal cords cut out are found. Tally rants. What is a High Atlantic? The Camarilla aka an ancient bunch of witch hunters show up. Adler claims she ended the Camarilla 200 years ago. Fort Salem is not strictly regimented. Adler helps herself to goodwill. There are regrettable choices.

The siblings show up again. Raelle is Scylla obsessed. There are no military haircuts. Why doesn't Adler eat? Anacostia has a plan. There is a witch prison? There is a massive graveyard. Libba's dead.

Tally shags the married Gerit until she doesn't. Scylla is an unrepentant mass murderer. The POTUS sick of Adler. So Adler puppets the POTUS. There are no anxious moments. This was okay. What is with the yellow light? Raelle whines. Scylla tantrums. Trouble brews.

Best Lines:

“She died with honour.”

“Honour and bravery.”

“Ancient tormentors.”

“Deeply unjust.”

“It will be our end.”

“Disregard for the cost of the actions.”

“Isn't that outlawed by The Hague?”


“Agents of the end.”

“A time before we were even America.”

“Made her eat a piece of dead pigeon. Took her men, ate them whole and spit them out at her feet.”

“I'm sorry. Actually I'm not.”

“Kind of place no one comes back from.”

“Someone gets to be you.”

“You know better than to ask.”

“Your days of leading our military are over.”

“You are the 45th President I have served.”

“Forever's long.”

“Not telling me big things.”


Women playing football is popular. The Spree strike. Where is the church during all this? The cadets graduate. There is purgatorio. How do the magical medallions work? There is no war college for Abigail and co. Adler has complete indifference and no feelings of remorse. Scylla hasn't been shipped off yet. The unpleasant Scylla is stupid.

Raelle's human father shows up. Abigail, Tally and Raelle are the last of their lines. Scylla justifies herself. People mumble. What IS at stake? It's amazing how much China looks like Canada. Stop mumbling. People are thankless. Scylla deserves nothing.

The witch hunters strike. There are a LOT of them and they use technology based on the dead witches stolen vocal cords. There is peril. Tally makes a bad choice. Witches are lethal in battle. Raelle's dead mother is The Spree leader. Like doh. What about the people they came to save? Raelle is a moron. What'll become of Tally, Raelle and Abigail now? What blew up? This was okay. I'll watch season 2.

Best Lines:

“Hated our kind.”

“I really want to believe you. But I don't.”

“Our ancient enemy has returned.”

“What ancient enemy? We have so many.”

“Fought for and bled for.”

“Long, terrible story.”

“They feel HOSTILE.”


Mia dreams. Is Jasper suspicious? The doc is incredibly concerning. Things are going on. Niklas lives in a shed? He's a jerk. Does Mia ever go to class or study? Intrinsically evil people lurk doing ethically challenging things. Morbid and prurient things happen that are detrimental. Why is Mia not beating Niklas' head in with a rock? He's a smug jerkass. This was not entirely logical. Mia knows a journalist.

The doc has so much happiness from so much horror. The doc does not contribute to society. The doc and Jasper are on to Mia's fake DNA test. There is a dearth of voice acting talent and ability. Jasper feels hostility. There is vagueness. Mia arbitarily prioritises things.

Jasper is not insightful or wise. Calamities unfold. There is rank dysfunctionality. The doc has arrogance and contempt for critical scrutiny. There are social consequnces. There are inevitable consequnces. This was incomprehensible. Mia's known Japser a week! Where's the bimbo roommate? This was rollicking. The other roommates are obliviously dumb. This was deathly dull. This was not an absolute delight. Japser has earnestness. Mia has evasive intensity. There is leadenness.

There is no sincere feeling. There are forceful objections. There is no intelligence or imagination. There is no affection or concern. There is a reveal. There is pent up anger, self annihilation and unspoken loneliness. Things get disruptive.

Jasper unravels as he is severly impacted. He is going to do something irreversible. There is completely unacceptable behaviour. Mia does something.

Best Lines:

“He wants to crispr with me!”

“Where's your blue tick?”

“I know I can trust you. I can, can't I?”

“He was my brother.”

“Go behind a tree to meditate.”

“My DNA fingerprint saved in the cloud.”

“What does she know?”

“Too much.”

“My name isn't Mia.”


Mia aka Emma spews exposition. She was raised in Sweden. Things ahve gone sour with Jasper. There are mistakes and tension. There are increasingly desperate times. Mia aka Emma and the doc face off. Mia aka Emma want to find the other Homo Deus kids. Niklas and Mia make out. Oh FFS!

There were regrettable deaths and a profound negative impact. There is not the keenest consideration given to sense. There are misuse of ethics and resulting behaviour. There are trying times. Mia is Emma's middle name? Jasper takes things badly. He's in despair. There is regulatory non-compliance. Emma has a super immune system. Things are as negative as it gets. There is a precarious situation. There are huge issues. This was totally insufficient. Mia runs. There are challenging aspects and unease and non-compliance and people subjected to detriment. This was disappointing. This was RENEWED?

Best Lines:

“Change the future of humanity forever.”

“Make history.”

“What kind of messed up plan is that?”

15 Days (2019) 1x01

Someone will be murdered in a farm house. Some beardy chav is an cheater and an abuser. Some nagging bitch bitches and nags. The will causes issues. An angry man bites another. WTF was this dreck?

Best Line:

“What are you 2 plotting in the corner?”

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