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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Out Of Innoence' promo


'The The Face Of Terror' promo


'Star Trek: First Contact' promo

“Some kind of star trek.”

'Enola Holmes' trailer

Another Holmes sister. Her mother vanishes. Adventures. Maybe.

Best Lines:

“Acceptable for society.”

“Path others choose for you.”

Who recalls 'The Secret Circle' or 'Blade: The Series'?

'Black Widow' delayed to 2021.

Will they ever publish any more of the 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' comic?

Recall Sky Living's Drama Matters? 5 one off dramas that could have gone to series? Well that never happened and they haven't been repeated.

The cute Washington panda.

Remember when 'Smallville' fanfic writers rewrote eps without Lana?

'RTE News' Quote:

“Active recruitment.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“No return to normality.”

'This World' Quotes:

“Unacceptable step backwards.”

“Welcomed this fear.”

“Pro disease people.”

“Vaccine court.”

“Behind that was a lie.”

“Say what they do about him.”

“Complete lack of positive sentiment at all.”

“Anti-science narrative.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Put manners on him by breaking his jaw inside the octagon.”

“Reinforcing good habits.”

“Daydream of another life.”

“Prolonged noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour.”

“Shouted an expletive from a balcony.”

“Wishes to receive them.”

“Being paid in book tokens.”

“Survived on charity from other passengers and what he can find in bins.”

“People don't remain stuck in the amber of other's memories.”

“Taking refuge in the past.”

“No interest in changing a world that suits you so well.”

“Undermining the authority of the state.”

“Circumstances not disclosed in court.”

“Low-key, low-volume acts.”

“May also be used by ET to communicate.”

“Dark store.”

“Threat to democracy.”

“Scaring the nation.”

“Want of good reason.”

“Confirmed detection of a signal from an extraterrestrial (ET) intelligence here on Earth would be one of the most important and histroic moments in all of human history.”

'The DNA Of Murder' Quote:

“Sees them as these normal people.”

'Stage Fright' Quote:

“He wouldn't touch you if you came on a bed of coke!”

'The Psychopath Next Door' Quotes:

“Zayn from 1Direction.”

“What? He's about 12!”

“Something bad's gonna happen, really bad.”

“My mr right turned out to be mr very wrong.”

'The Blacklist' Quotes:

“Being groomed for Admiral.”

“Highly respected officer.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quote:

“Badger's bloody Drift!”

'Escape To The Chateau' Quotes:

“The French don't drink water.”

“Private jetty.”

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