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DS9 4x10&4x11+The Deceived 1x04+The Twilight Zone 1x09 Reviewed


Sisko and Odo visit Earth due to shapeshifter activity. Sisko's dad (Brock Peters) rants. There is padding with Dax being vapid. Robert Foxsworth plays Admiral Leyton. Why is there an alligator hanging in Joseph Sisko's New Orleans eatery?

Joseph and Jake Sisko have the smae hideous taste in clothes. Cadet Nog shows up. Leyton and his cronies are wilfully deluded and dementedly smug. There is talk of constraints on free movement. There are extras who can't act. Leyton understands himself to be the hero of the story. Nog's been at the Academy for a month and goes on about Red Squad, the new gods on campus.

Leyton has no inkling he is the wicked one. Sisko is calumniated. Nog has misty eyed revernece for Red Squad. Sisko and his dad have sharply conflicting views. There is paranoia – this was made 5 years before 9/11. Sisko is hectoring. Paranoia needs to poor decisions. There is endless outlandishness. There is talk of blood screenings. There is fury, misery and complaining.

Joseph Sisko could not be compelled, until the next ep. There is solemnly silly bad acting by come. The office of the UFP President is in Paris. Moral standing is lost. There are sinister acts. What was to come is hinted at. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Since the last world war.”

“Haven't seen people so nervous since the Borg incident.”

“Wiggle on the way down.”

“With the exception of the Borg incident there hasn't been a state of emergency declared on Earth in a century.”

“Dominion war fleet.”

Paradise Lost

The streets are empty apart from Starfleet security teams. Sisko and Odo are wary of Red Squad. There is no seismic impact and people have undisguised satisfaction and a baleful influence. Susan Gibney guest stars. People act in the most awful ways. There is absolete fear and baddies are quietly exultant.

A smug Red Sqaud cadet is one of the worst people you'd ever meet – as proved by the later ep 'Valiant'. Sisko is assertive. People are rendered stupefied. In the future, there's a system of living that's better and truer. Hostility emanates from Leyton. There are indiscretions. Plotters act in an aggressive and disturbing manner and bring discredit on themselves.

There is a conspiracy and a terrible row. Leyton's plot is earnestly futile. Sisko sees it as his obligation to the stop the baddies. The Defiant fights another Starfleet ship. Why do shapeshifters need starships? Why are Dax, Kira and Bashir all on the Defiant?

Avery Brooks does weird line delivery. 2 Starfleet ships fight. What is Bolian tonic water? Leyton has a breakdown and shakes. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Division of planetary operations.”

“Assigning the entire corps of cadets to field duty.”

“You see any Dominion invasion fleet?”

“Sitting home being bored.”

“We all lose!”

“Made it an issue.”

“Respect my authority!”

“Planning some kind of takeover.”

“Opening down a pandora's box that may never be closed.”

“Under no cirumstances is that ship to reach Earth.”

“Enough loyal officers to make a fight of it.”

The Deceived 1x04

Ophelia is, as ever, hysterical. The 'friendly' local isn't helpful. He hands Ophelia over to her abuser and is never seen again. Michael's mother in law knows whats going on. Michael's wife isn't dead. Like doh. This was inadequate. Michael wants his not dead wife's life insurance. Michael is an irresponsible yahoo. There is rancour and arrogance and selfish concern.

This was a calamity. The 'dead' wife is a bitch and Michael is a controlling liar. He and his wife blame others for the life choices they are making now. This was irrational and the wife murdered the student, accidently. FFS. There are many many flashbacks. There is lethal subterfuge, isolation, disillusionment and anger.

There is a conspiracy and reckless and damaging action and adverse reactions. The 'dead' wife has mental health issues. This was dreadful and it has monotonous langour. This was really slipshod and appalling. Women are painfully vulnerable to Michael who is merciless. This was heinous and there are gleeful assessments and vitrolic attidues and ignorance and anti-intellectualism.

This was a completely ridiculous failure. Michael tries to destory any hope people have. There are extraordianry allegations. This was not in any way believable. There is no dire necessity. There are damaging consequences and intolerable challenges in this insufficient ep. People try desperately to foil Micheal. This was not engrossing.

There is increasing wariness and willing acceptance of Michael's crapulence. People are anxious and beleaguered. There is hypocrisy and cruelty. This was underlit and the dastardly Michael dies. They frame the guilty party. There is a one year timejump and Donegal is pronounced wrong. The 'dead' wife takes off and lives in fake 'abroad'. Opehlia was utterly devoted to a nut and had his baby and goes back to college. The 'dead' wife Roisin got away with murdering someone. There was no sense of danger or real tension. The ending hints at a season 2. No, just no.

Best Lines:

“Do what you promised!”

“Too young for him.”

“Some drama.”

“You were a mistake.”

“It's a small village Patrick, everyone's a family friend.”

“Best selling work of genius.”

“What he says about you?”

“You were a mistake.”

“Sick of their envy.”

“Most terrible thing has happened.”

“In his complete control.”

“I have nothing left.”

“Fills your head with lies until theres no space for yourself.”

“Promising anything.”

“You're not talented, you're not even very clever.”

“It's Annabelle that's in that grave!”

The Blue Scorpion

Chris O'Dowd has a dead dad and a greedy ex-wife to be. This was.....not good.

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