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Trailers, Quotes & 11 Tale Tales

'How To Survive A Murder' promo

Was evil allowed?

'16 & Recovering' promo

Oh ffs.

My ex has no remorse. My ex was bitterly disappointing. I haven't had any contact with my ex, nor would I want to. My ex exulted in my pain. My ex deliberately betrayed my trust and hospitality. My ex = innately selfish. My ex had no magnanimity and he caused an awful time in my life. I thought my ex would come to me for forgiveness. My ex is guilty of duplicity and deceit.

Birch water is a thing?

Arm jewellery is a thing.

Who saw 'Whale Rider' or 'Holy Smoke'?

Loyalty Me Lie.

Cleared out 11 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

WTF is wild camping? What are famine walls?

I'd try lemon and thyme sorbet. I'd also try flourless orange and almond cake.

'Challenger: The Final Flight' Quotes:

“NASA phone book.”

“Flat ass out lie.”

“Something that great countries do.”

“Unable to forgive people who have made such a bad decision.”

“Responsible for that acceptance.”

“Forgiving him was difficult.”

“You can think away anything.”

“I forgive those people.”

“I forgive those people.”

“Lessons of failure are hard.”

'HowToSpendIt' Quote:

“Biohazard button that can seal their Tesla.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Deciding factor.”


“Closing the door to these people.”

“Strange covid times.”

“A drug in my lifetime which can help me.”

“No good reason.”

“Helped me good.”

“Without restriciton.”

'Midsomer Murders' Quotes:

“You're a disgrace to elected office!”

“Ghastly house.”

“Your father could have been any passing tinker!”

'The Forgotten West Memphis Three' Quotes:

“The world saw that!”

“Prey items.”

“Anything in West Memphis that wasn't Baptist was satanism.”

“Satan worshipping cult leader.”

'Law & Order' Quote:

“I can use the extra cash: new VCR.”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“Dockland shag pad.”

“Morally neutral.”

“Major incident alarm has sounded.”

'Tales From the Darkside' Quotes:

“Gotta get off my back!”

“I'm your mother, that's where I belong!”

“Eat your bran!”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Socially astute.”

“Normalised by stealth.”

“Ideological tilt.”

“He know some very bad people.”

“Specialised and elite contacts.”

“General societal assumption.”

“Motivated by people's perceptions.”

“Absolute determination.”



“Collective love.”

“Backs him up when he espouses problematic opinions.”

“There is no money in being a character.”

“Banal arch-capitalist.”

“Paints a grim picture of that era.”

“Years of penury.”

“Makes one conspiracy minded.”

“Immoderate remark.”

“Behave abusively.”

“The appalled crowd.”

“Barely a whisper of discontent.”

“Corrupting, poisonous trap.”

“Absurdly irresponsible poster.”

“Generated a hysteria that has yet to die down.”

“Lose any sense of reason.”

“Terrible future awaits.”

“Warm comfortable home.”

“Caused widespread public anger.”

“Hard work in the fields.”

“Bracken control programme.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Starkly critical terms.”

“Slew of personal attacks and allegations.”

“Murder to live there.”

“Sunrises more than a year apart.”

“Potential biological signature for life.”


“Hunting the heavens for unnatural radio signals.”

“That one reason we have never detected any super-smart alien civilisations is because they no no longer existed.”


“Always happiest shouting passionately from a podium.”

“A town cries out for God, only to be given Robert Pattinson dressed like a bingo caller.”


“Hijack social concerns.”

“Declared war on his own family.”

“Who object to everything.”

“A middle-class, white, dead man's version of this landscape.”

“Development mafia.”

“Grievance votes.”

“Tremendous levels of exclusion.”

“Everyone feels seen, heard and emotionally present.”

“Cinemas uninterested.”

“Joint living.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“The answer is far from reassuring.”

“Pretend of interesting.”

“Working as a tarpaulin salesman.”

“Killer queen of dead-eyed white-trash sociopaths.”

“Observer at the edge of power.”

“Principled objecitons evaporate.”

“Carry revenge in my heart until my dying day.”

“Morally repugnant.”

“Cascade of slanderous accusations.”

“Began to shed friends, who could not stomach his deceits.”

“Could neither bribe nor threaten the political community into backing him.”

“Could not longer tolerate his rule.”

“Split his country, trashed the reputaiton of his family and himself, alienated or killed his friends, died a gruesome death, lost his crown and end up as Shakespeare's foulest villain,”

“Working to a fiendish design,”

“Expunged from history.”

“Society's outcasts.”

“An air of loss and ruin.”

“Knowing gravitas.”

“Carrying their despair.”

“Don't want people to think I'm horrible-”

“Bloody serious now.”

“Pandemic potential.”

“The level of anger.”

“Reacted with depressing predictability.”

“Doing their best not to comply.”

“No-hope issues.”

“Seamen-loving antics.”

“Producing a golf club during the incident.”

“Video and audio formats of this era are long obsolete.”

“Video and audio tapes degraded beyond use.”

“Access for future generations to come.”

“Resoundingly negative.”

“So resolute in the infallibity of his own judgment.”

“Hold in high regard.”


“Cultural war.”

“Utter uncertainty.”

“Cities across the planet lying deserted.”

“Apocalyptic unknown.”

“Ugliness of their bheaivour.”

“Sickening and tragic consquences.”

“Communal righteousness.”


“Inherently the worse sort of person.”

“Might no longer be her friends.”

“Elegant despair.”

“Believed to be the reincarnations of evil nuns.”

“Air of suspicion.”

“Defensive inevitability.”

“What's wrong, are we poor!”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“The very worst person who walked the Earth.”

“Solid and rational opinion.”

'Game Night' Quotes:

“Don't like him anymore.”

“Poor man's Johnny Depp starred in 'Jericho'.”

“Richard Gere never played the Incredible Hulk.”

“Aggressive way to carry a knife.”

“Not washing your crotch.”

“Super-realistic fight.”

“Regional theatre hack.”

“Usually go out with men I find interesting and non-stupid.”

“You're not Liam Neeson!”

“That hurts my feelings!”

“Straight to the pervy place.”

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Quotes:

“Smell like old trash bags.”

“Regular Starfleet stuff too.”

“Allegiance of their officers.”

“Did it used to be a man?”

“That's what we're assuming.”

"Fascinating things upon which to urinate."

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