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Criminal (2019-?) 2x03&2x02&2x01&1x01 Reviewed


Sharon Horgan yaps. No.

Best Lines:

“Why vigilantes came to exist in the first place?”

“Improper communication online.”


Cops are presented as fearless advocates of justice engaging in debate with accused people. They are also intrinsically motivated for the truth. Kit Harington is wrongly accused. Cops are self regarding virtue signalers. The menacing spectre of crime hangs over the case. Cops are patronising. Assumptions and anger are palpable. There is a two way mirror and Katherine Kelly staring and spewing SJW crap. This was dull.

Best Line:

“Don't want any woman to be like that.”


An interview with a convicted killer's wife takes a turn. Sophie Okonedo is sad and cops have an aura of smug.

Best Line:

“Don't tell me he's kiled another one.”


David Tennant killed his stepdaughter.

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