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Movie Reviews: Night Of The Creeps + First Man 👽👾🌚🌑👎👎

Night Of The Creeps (1985) Rewatch

This has a prologue set in 1959 which is filmed in black and white, then the events shift to 1986. There are alien parasites loose on a college campus. Characters have the surnames of famous horror directors. There is a frat house full of vile frat boys. There is malice and spite. A frat boy prank leads to forces of alien disorder rampaging.

This was outrageously implausible and quite mad. This is a nostalgic version of the 50s and 80s. There is bad acting and something is badly wrong on campus. The 80s were not an enchanted era. Frat boys with severe and inflexible ideas cause issues.

There are petty dismissals and major cruelties. Nerds are disregarded. There is a poor cat, an intense cop and a lethally dangerous monster. One is not sincerely fond of this. The cop has cold fury. The depredations of callow men caused all this. There is toilet horror, a bomb, stupidity, malice and incompetence. This was medicore and it had Dick Miller and a homogenous narrative.

Best Lines:

“Not well.”

“The P.O.G house.”

“Wake up and smell the coffee Muffy!”

“Man is armed with a large fire axe.”

“My time is limited much like the intellect of Steve.”

“Creepy scary dead guy in a refridgerated coffin.”

“I found her in the car. And on the road. And in the woods. Your high school sweetheart went on with her life. Mine got hacked up by a nutcase with an axe.”

“F**k you too.”

“You'd try it.”

“You'd let me.”

“Go practice goose stepping or something.”

“The bradster.”

“Isn't a vacant lot anymore.”

“Stryper rules.”

“That's all real exciting and everything.”

First Man (2018)

Ray Gosling and Clare Foy star in this film. Gosling stares a lot. There are old school heroics which the modern world has taken against. This was dreary. There is extreme expectation for the space race. We see Chuck, Project Gemini and Neil Armstong's daughter dying. Kyle Chandler lurks. Gus dies. What does CCCP mean? Apollo is launched into space on a rocket. It's a tin can that went to the moon.

Best Lines:

“3rd mishap this month.”

“Every single space accomplishment.”

“That's to scale. Check it.”

“Dock without crashing.”

“Move on to Apollo. Consider trying to land on the moon.”

“Almost to scale.”

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