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Challenger: The Final Flight 1x01-1x04+Harlots 2x05&2x06+Prodigal Son 1x20+ 3 others 🥩🥗

Space For Everyone

This was a good limited series documentary about the ill fated 1986 shuttle mission. There is 80s hair, vintage footage and there was 5 years of lead up to the mission. The Colombia is showing landing in 1981 in front of cheering crowds as the song Coming To America blares. Roy Rogers and Spielberg were there to witness history.

There were lots of white men at NASA. We see mockups of the prototype shuttle which was meant to shuttle people to a space station that was never built. We see Nixon. One of the Challenger widows wears a space shuttle pin. We see footage of Nichelle Nichols recruiting minority astronauts.

New recruits had 2 years of training. There is causal sexism. If you are in space and you drool in your sleep – what happens? We see Sally Ride make history in June 1983. We see Gloria Steinem and an Oh What A Ride headline. There is no mention of the space shuttle Enterprise.

We see Ellison, a Japanse-American astronaut from Hawaii who loved pig roasts and made history. We see footage of the paint on the shuttle Discovery going on fire. There was 1/2 million gallons of hydrogen and oxygen in the fuel tank. Challenger once launched in a lightening storm and there were solid rocket booster issues from the start.

Best Lines:

“National tragedy.”

“Some kind of incompetence?”

“Cover-up in motion.”

“Magical sapce craft.”

“Go to the stars.”

“Economically unattractive.”

“Military payloads.”

“Space truck.”

“3 blacks, 1 oriental and 6 women.”

“You cannot turn it off.”

“Dare to live those great dreams.”

“Country needed something to feel good about.”

“Captivated people.”

“Noteworthy event.”

“Travel pod.”

“Tile damage.”

“Shouting profanities.”


Reagan launched the teacher in space programme. Jerry Seinfeld mocked NASA as apathy was on the rise and no one cared. The pathetic Barbara Morgan speaks. 11,000 applied to be in space. There is talk of o rings and flaws in the solid rocket boosters which were 40 feet long. There is talk of a young astronauts programme. There are delays and issues. A senator was in space. This was good. There were 80s clothes and talk of the ISS. NASA wanted to keep the budget. Christa was the perfect teacher in space. We learn what she planned to teach in space. Instead a horror show unfolded.

Best Lines:

“They should make it exciting.”

“Anticipated something more than what they got.”

“One of America's finest: a teacher.”

“Belief she could do extraordinary things.”

“Not well received.”

“Not being effectively dealth with.”

“Eventually there would be a catastrophe.”

“A kid in space.”

“Got to get ready for this.”

“Prepare for that future.”

“Very, very concerning.”

“Test pilot school.”

“Not risky enough to fly.”

“Nobody was willing to ground the fleet.”

A Major Malfunction

People were increasingly reluctant to okay launches. There were valid thoughts about the disaster to come. There was a no blame culture at NASA. Talk of NASA excellence was one of the great lies of our history. Christa enjoyed participation in NASA. There is universal regret. Christa was a figure of curiosity.

Challenger blowing up is an enduring image. There was a law of silence. People unequivocally stated lies. Challenger and later Colombia is an abiding memory. NASA = public myth. Justifications are made. People are seriously critical and attribute blame. Other people's expectations caused much trouble. There was an unpalatable inevitability.

There was moral responsibility. Wilful neglect had a negative impact and serious consequences. The launch was meant to be histroic. It was. We get more background on the crew. We see hideous interior design. Soon after the launch there was a joke: NASA means Need A New Set of Astronauts.

There were launch issues and icicles on the launch pad. If they'd launch on the original launch day instead of waiting 2 days: so much would have been different. Christa was given an apple before boarding Challenger. The crew didn't die in the explosion.

Best Lines:

“Direction of badness.”

“Irrational decision.”

“Intimidating comment.”

“No go for launch.”

“Day like no other.”

“Launching space vehicles.”

“Orange faux leather furniture.”

“Launch window.”

“Drill out the problem screw.”

“Cold weather launch.”

“Cover the freeze in the orange gooves.”

“Temperature concern.”

“There's a dissenting view here.”

“Teacher flight.”

“Ice inspection crew.”

“Time of wait.”

Nothing Ends Here

Local hicks filmed the launch. NASA had no idea what to do. A Stevie Nicks looking woman yaps. VP Bush yaps. Reagan makes speechs. The explosion took place 74 seconds after launch. Neil Armstrong was one of those on the Challenger review board. This was good.

Best Lines:

“Probably wasn't survivable.”

“No idea where it was.”

“What we had feared, had come to pass.”

“No one could have survived.”


Margaret hates Lydia for making her a whore but pimps out her 2 daughters. Lydia shags the Lord Chief Justice with her wig and face powder on. Rasselas is looked for and finally shows up. Margaret heaves her bosom and stares into the abyss of her past. Cherry is stealing Charles from Emily. There are unspeakable occurances and no peace and security.

There is futility and squalor and violent clarity and awful rich burks. Justice Hunt proposes. Things go irreversibly bad. Isabella is finanically abused. Emily claims to be pregnant. There are manic urges and people feigning sanity. This was not invigorating or electrifying. Oh this show's rubbish.

Best Lines:

“Molly houses.”

“Sodomites Walk.”

“Bad men!”

“Quivering turd!”

“Godless house.”

“What hellbroth do you spew?”

“Tuft hunting.”

“My only shield against her.”

“Ruin my reputation.”

“What's left of it.”

“To be missed so.”

“Treacherous trollop.”

“I do not like the company you keep.”


The preacher is revealed as a former depraved and wanton harlot. Lucy is useless. Lydia is onto Charlotte. A useless chatty whore is useless and chatty. Justice Hunt won't listen, the preacher and her daughter are unloved. The daughter is stabbed. Margaret and Lucy had a confrontation. Lucy is useless and has no purpose. Charlotte fights Lydia and Margaret's selfish. This was undelrit and Lucy's stupid. Isabella reveals she had a daughter due to abuse by her brother. The daughter is at a private boarding school – where there such things in the 17th century? Margaret's locked up. This was truly terrible.

Best Lines:

“The law's as useless as pants on a man.”

“Foulest pimp on cheapside.”

“I need my sausage!”

Like Father...

Malcolm's accused. Psycho dad gets a menacing call from the rubbish big bad. This show is an idea graveyard. Psycho dad is a moron. This was facetious and there are painful revelations. This was not heartrending. There is an 'Alan' joke. There is no home support for Malcolm as his dad's a nut and Jessica's vapid.

Gil is a tool. Who is Leonard? A sleazy lawyer gets shot. The big bad owns a DNA lab and Malcolm has absolute certainty. Eve's sister stole files only she didn't. There is death and psycho dad ends up in real jail and gets yard time. Yeah right sure.

TPTB are idlers and wasters. There is legal mistreatment. Will Gil and his gang piss off? Psycho dad whines and won't help. Psycho dad is Jewish? Psycho dad bluffed the big bad. What about Malcolm's bird? The ugly big bad is laughable. There is no rationalising this crap. Malcolm is abrasive. Gil's a tool. Eve's useless bitch sister aka the dumbass girl in the box is found. How did she become a vet?

She's the cause of all this crap. Malcolm's a moron. What'll season 2 be like? There is no unfathomable tragedy. Malcolm shrugs off countless harrowing events. Ainsley is a moron. Are the cops on to the big bad or not? Ainsley kills the big bad and Malcolm just stands there as she stabs mr ugly big bad in a frenzy. Is this a psychotic break or is this Ainsley's true self? There is a prison riot and psycho dad escapes. This was theatrical with bad acting.

Best Lines:

“My son is not Claus Von Bulow.”

“Fugitive tradecraft.”

“In his room sulking. It's like the 90s all over again.”

“Became famous for defending killers.”

“Hates what he's become.”

“Pretty dire right now.”

“Isn't sketchy at all.”

“I do not like it here.”

“The whole system is mine.”

Motherland: Fort Salem 1x07&108

Mother Mycelium

Scylla's alive and locked up and interrogated. The Spree oppose the Salem Accords. Syclla's fed broken glass or is she? Scylla's smug and bitchy and unrepentant. Raelle is dumb. Also she a fixer aka healer. There is no potentiality. There is shrill bemoaning. This was completely inert. There are paranoid preperations. Fighting with weather has consequences and side effects. Why do they call helicopters bats? How many people has Scylla killed?

Best Lines:

“The one who changed the world.”

“You bound us to people who hate us.”

“Essential combat skill.”

“Christian pagan.”

“Stop being complicit in their evil.”

“Sound of suffering.”

“Contract horrible plagues.”

“6th generation.”

“Sound of suffering.”

“Death always follows after them.”

“There are no such things as miracles.”

City Drop

Tally is useless. Raelle learns secrets and throws tantrums. FFS. Heaven will punish her for her crap. Raelle is a stupid bitch. She's so stupid, she ruins everything and is obsessed with Scylla. This was underlit and Raelle is as dumb as a post. The Spree plot. What is with the foot stomping? This was a disastrophe. There is posing and Adler makes a choice. There is death. Where did the siblings go? Tally can scry. Adler lies.

Best Lines:

“To fix what she did!”

“We're ready to breach.”

“Cleared to use hostile work!”

“Drop! Drop! Drop!”

Shocking violence and destruction.”

Ratched (2020-?) 1x01&1x02&1x07&1x08


This prequel to 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' is the origin story for Mildred Ratched. It is 1947 and we see hypocrite priests murdered after they went to see 'Miracle On 34th Street'. Their priest house was very fancy. Mildred wants to be deeply intimidating and priests ran aorund in night shirts by a gurning wannabe Jake Busey baddie.

Mildred is the arbiter of everybody's moral behaviour. There are Freudian motives. This was so stylised and she has a fancy car and clothes. The loony bin is fancy looking. Why was she taken from her parents? The killer is her brother? There is hysteria and Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Corey Stoll, Vincent D'Onofrio and Amanda Plummer

Ice Pick

The opening credits are interesting. Mildred does an ice pick lobotomy on an unwilling man who was a witness to her brother's murderous ramapge. This was not good. In the movie, she was doing her job while a racist rapist named McMurphy caused chaos on her ward.

The Bucket List

People are mad with unhinged vigour and are culty weirdoes. There is no incertitude. This was loaded with mania and Sharon Stone is murdered with a pitchfork. There is a patsy, a jerkass and Stone's will is read which leads to a now very rich monkey doing a victory dance at the murder conspiracy head. The monkey does a dance of joy! Rosanna Arquette shows up as an expisotion spewing social worker. This was ludicrous. There is a farcical series of events and there was no absolute necessity for this.

Mildred and Edmund

There is overacting and camp. This was even more deranged. Mildred shags and things go awry. Is this show a joke? WTF was this? There is no Louise Fletcher. This was a great and indefinable horror and barmy and Mildred is cold and heartless and loves acts of cruelty and distain. This was candy coloured and bears no resemblence to the movie. It's candy coloured. Sophie Okonedo rants and this is meant to last 4 seasons? This was innocous and causes disgruntlement.

Star Trek Picard 1x03

The End Is The Beginning

Picard and his breathy line readings meets up with his old XO Raffi. Starfleet called Picard's bluff back in the day and he had to quit. The uniforms are different. Raffi was fired and she's bitter. Hugh is free from the Borg, is he human?!?

Picard meets Rios. Tamlyn Tomita wears sunglasses. Various moments from Picard's past are brought up. Does no one wonder where Spock went? Rios does silly accents. What happened to his former Captain? Picard heads off and ditches his former Tal Shair staff for reasons. Romulan houses have false front doors and you have to go around the back? This was okay. The boring new characters bore. Picard assembles a rag tag bunch of misfits and they head off on their mission as a reworked version of the 'TNG' theme plays.

Best Lines:

“Burst radius of a supernova.”

“Mars is burning.”

“One long slide into humilation.”

“Put an end to the rescue mission.”

“Shared mythical framework.”

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