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Movie Reviews: The Devil All The Time + Stonehenge Apocalypse

The Devil All Time (2020)

Bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan, Riley Keough and Robert Pattinson star in this gothic movie. It's 1967 and 400 people live in a West Virgina town. Jason Clarke is a serial killer. There is a creepy preacher, deliberation, distress and frustration and there is exacerbation of chronic problems. This was seriously insufficient. There is complete bewilderment and bad CGI spiders.

There is narration and consequent reactions. Venal murderers lurk. This was turbo camp. People live in relative obscurity. This was chaotic and vacuous. This has no cultural cache. There are no pure intentions. People are at the mercy of public opinion. There are tentative kids.

This was implausible. People acquiesce to horror. There is no nuance. This was not coherent. There is no fear or favour. There are furores and aggressive men. There is no benign intent. There are serious economic and societal difficulties. There are grim outlooks and argumentation and violent confrontations and forseeable problems.

There are no shared interests. This was disheartening and stories intersect. In 1965 – Tom Holland shows up. This was not a blissful experience. This was a negative experience. This was not intriguing. There is no advisability. There is inexcusable wrongdoings. This was based on a novel. Mia Wasikowska is the dead star walking. There are terrible situations and grim faced people and grim consequences. There are no sentiments of guilt. This was heinous.

Best Lines:

“God's intention.”

“Still considered them outsiders.”

“Lord that good's stuff.”

“Calculate misery like that!”

“World of praise.”

“It ain't right.”

“Pray goddamit.”

“Stayed in the dark closet for a fortnight waiting on an answer. He smelled worse than a truckstop shi**er.”

“Loved the way people listened to him.”

“Bringing home money that I don't have to ask you for.”

"Deserved killing.”

“Don't act like you do nothing wrong.”

Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010)

Misha Collins, Hill Harper, Torri Higginson and Peter Wingfield star in this silly tale of bad CGI. Misha Collins does his usual silly voice. There are fake accents and visible consternation and Wingfield wears a waistcoat.

Collins says power points – does he mean ley lines? Why is the US military running aorund the UK? The US military decide to blow up Stonehenge. This was grue and ghastliness. There is no macabre mayhem and this was regrettable. There is overall brownness and a pall. Light the damn set!

There is derangement. Where is the UK military? Woe betide everyone. There are no Boschean creatures. No wonder Wingfield gave up acting and went to medical school if this was the level of script quality he was being offered. The UK 'cars' are wrong. This was stupid and absolutely insane and inane.

Best Lines:

“Who built it, remains a mystery.”

“Accusing them of lies and deception.”

“Aliens on the moon.”

“We believe in the strange.”

“Going Gamma!”

“Usual cryptic stuff.”

“Counting down.”

“To what?”

“I know a lot of things.”

“Spoken with world leaders who think otherwise.”

“Heard how he was mocked.”

“Stonehenge destorys the world!”

“I think the planet's being terraformed.”

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