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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Nest' trailer

“It's horrible here!”

'Stage Mother' trailer

Is this from the 90s?

'Spiral' trailer

A creepy town and a couple in peril.

'American Murder' trailer


'The Lie' trailer


'Your Honor' trailer

A judge covers up his son's hit and run. The victim was part of a vicious crime family. Mmm.

Aero creations – okay.

Freshly made guac – yum.

My ex has no apology or regret. He has an untroubled conscience. My ex absolutely and convincingly fooled me.

'Stumptown' cancelled. :)

'The Irish Times' Quotes:


“Inflammatory provocations.”

“Clear and settled intention.”

“Founding myth.”

“Planning their yearly paganistic festival.”

“Agreeing safety goals.”

“Shared common purpose.”

“Common ambition.”

“Long-established ways of doing things.”

“People's fears, even when unfounded, needs to be listened to patiently and responded to with truth, conviction and empathy.”

“Intellectual support.”

“Johnny Foreigner was where he should be: elsewhere.”

“Whose existence is questioned.”

“Philosophical martyr.”

“Haven't contributed to the histories of these disciplines at all...”

“Ethical studies.”

“Does not include them at all.”

“Historically exluded.”

“Passport was annulled.”

“Gained national attention.”

“Ideologically biased.”

“Fear of retaliation.”

“Vigorously criticised.”

“Bemoaned the negative headlines.”

“Ancestral differences.”

“Lasting impact.”

“Damaging the credibility.”

'Plague Fiction' Quote:

“They shall have life.”

'Stage Fright' Quotes:

“Decked out in a stage costume that would've made Theatre Of Pain – era Motley Crue jealous.”

“Serious tunage.”


“The Eighties – you had to be there.”

'The Sky At Night' Quotes:

“A complete hellhole.”

“Penguin crap.”

“Unfashionable hellhole.”

“Seperate biogenesis.”

“Lander to the surface and signals out.”

'Night Of The Mannequins' Quote:

“So Shanna got a new job at the movie theatre, we thought we'd play a fun prank on her, and now most of us are dead, and I'm starting to feel kind of guilty about it all.”


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