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Book Review: Malorie

Malorie by Josh Malerman

How do people paint windows black? HOW? The sequel to 'Bird Box' is not good. The safe refuge Malorie and her 2 putupon children found at the end of 'Bird Box' is wiped out in the first few pages. There is then a 10 year time jump and the children are now teenagers.

Malorie is even more paranoid, crazy, controlling, coercive and abusive as ever. There are improbable encounters with others and the control-oriented Malorie makes a silly choice. Her idiot children have secrets and there are wildly improbable plot twists. There is no dread just madness. Malorie's paranoid fantasy goes on.

Best Lines:

“Outside in the hall, violence has begun.”

“Never to be found again.”

“Willing to die for answers.”

“This isn't going to end well.”

“All good intentions, of course. Until you let him in, of course.”

“Found webs, here in camp, built in unsettling patterns, suggesting something was seen, something was close.”

“Horrific memories.”

“Not prepared to hear.”

“But to even think to try?”

“This will end in madness. Because it always does.”

“The thing Malorie had raised her to fear.”

“The world had already changed irrevocably by then, but the sisters didn't know it yet.”

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