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The Deceived 1x03 + The Twilight Zone 1x08 Reviewed

The Deceived 1x03

Michael bullies. His affair with Ophelia is out. Michael helps himself to his dead wife's stuff. Michael's bff Matthew is an idiot. There is no disquiet just continuing worries. This was not made with ferocious talent. Michael distains conventional morality. He gaslights and causes factual disputes and shrugs off the tragedy which befell his wife.

I've never seen the benefit of this. Ophelia feels like she's fallen into delusion. Michael is an easy villain. Does Ophelia have no social contacts? Michael is aggrieved and angry 24/7. Michael's dad doesn't want the house sold and then he dies. Did the wife kill herself? Is she even dead?

A little girl shows up. Ophelia chugs pills – Michael is drugging her. Ophelia inbetween fainting and wailing finally gets a clue. There is talk of a missing girl and Ophelia's voiceover is gone. Ophelia lies and scare chords play. Michael stole a student's novel manuscript and passed it off as his own novel. There is an obvious reveal.

Best Lines:

“He's not a good man.”

“She's going to cause trouble.”

“Played a part in his end too.”

“Don't have to keep going on.”

“Spreading her wickedness.”

“You'll not be forgiven.”

Point Of Origin

A waste of James Frain.

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