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Movie Reviews: Smokey And The Bandit + Overboard (2018) + Team Foxcatcher

Smokey And The Bandit (1977)

This is an idiot collection of cliches about bootlegging, truck rodeo, CB radio and truckers. Burt Reynolds gurns and Sally Field simpers. There are flares and idiots and CB radio talk. People rarely need to get petrol.

Best Lines:

“Dumb cowboy.”

“Gear jammer.”

“Legend and an out of work bum lookalike.”

“Redneck heaven.”

“His mother doesn't even have any teeth!”

“You got trouble coming.”

“Go go juice.”

“Rolling refinery.”

Overboard (2018)

Anna Faris stars in this unwatchable sappy remake. A raving rich lunatic jerk fires Anna Faris. She is blue collar single mom with 3 kids and is trying to do a nursing exam. One can never really get excited about this. A life of gaudy excess is the life the rich jerk has chosen for himself. The rich jerk is moronically stupid. This was painfully humourless.

He's existentially appalling and thoughtless and pushes Anna Faris off his boat. Then he falls overboard and there is a reference to the Goldie Hawn original. Anna Faris claims the rich jerk who now has amnesia as her husband. She needs things done. His own sister denies him so she can get rich. He looks old enough to be Anna Faris' dad.

This was wearyingly unfunny and stunningly unimaginative. This was sappy with bad boat vfx. Eva Longoria and John Hannah are in this for some reason.

Best Lines:

“Hideous existence.”

“Attack by a shark fish.”

“Love fades.”

“The smelly poor kids.”

“Vain, empty little man!”

“Ass full of sand.”

“I'm poor?”

“You can't possibly be this selfish!”

“Everyone wants my life!”

“Vile things on this list.”

Team Foxcatcher (2016)

This is a good true crime documentary. We see the Du Pont estate where a murder took place in the 90s. It became the subject of a Channing Tatum movie. There is vintage footage and we hear audio of a standoff with the killer. The 1000 acre estate owned by the Du Pont family was lovely. They owned it for 3/4 of a century. Du Pont turned his estate into a sports centre.

Du Pont was into wrestling which featured silly outfits. He had a disapproving mother. The victim was Dave: a champion wrestler. There was a blaming culture. The setting, scenario and behaviour led to absolute disaster. This was a complete confluence that affected people adversely.

Olympic gold was tenaciously pursued and it led to a tragic conclusion. The murder was imponderable. There are disquietudes and disturbing developments. Many sportsmen and their families lived on the estate. Was it only men? Du Pont despite being rich lived an iltimately unhappy life. He was not content, he was a weird rambler. Du Pont wanted to be one of the guys, he sought camraderie but had no idea how to be social. It was a polarised age and he was a poor little rich boy.

Du Pont wanted to wrestle and 'won' a match after his opponent was paid off. He pursued praise from serious people and thought it was all real. The elite atheletes were relentlessly driven and Du Pont was ludicrously unself aware. This would end badly for Du Pont who was unreflective. He lent out his helicopter and shot poor deer dead. Was there any level of achievemnt by him?

Best Lines:

“You're a well-respected man.”

“A sport for the underlcass.

“Best coaches in the world.”

“Digging under my floormats in my old van looking for quarters.”

“Number 1 wrestling power in the world.”

“First time he got on top of me.”

“Playing naked.”

“Why? Who the heck knows.”

“Acting wacky...on a rampage.”

“Talk to Du Pont on a normal level.”

“Wasn't real good socially.”

“People of consequence.”

“No idea who his real friends were.”

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