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Star Trek Deep Space Nine 4x07 Reviewed

Little Green Men

Nog is off to Starfleet Academy. Charles Napier and Connor O'Farrell guest star. Kira has a girly hairstyle and who did the Ferengi buy Warp technology from? The Ferengi (Quark, Rom and Nog) end up in Roswell 1947 via an accident.

There is smoking and would be comedy and silly dialogue. Truman is POTUS. This is just another life experience. There is a dog and politics and power relations. Quark whines about personal and institutional injustices. There is a negative outcome feared. This was a lost copportunity – too much Ferengi crap.

There is a troubling example of the military moron cliche. The Ferengi are obnoxious. This can't incentivise one to care. Understanding prevails. There is sexism and a sharp escalation of rhetoric. This was complete nonsense. The nurse and prof nod apprvingly and nonchalantly.

Best Lines:

“Unified global economy.”

“Primitive global economy.”

“Leaders of a vast interstellar Federation.”

“Have you ever heard of the Bell riots?”

“But doesn't this Gabriel Bell human look just like Captain Sisko?”

“All humans lookalike.”

“Trapped 400 years in the past.”

“Piano playing democrat.”

“Mankind will travel to the stars and take its place in a vast alliance of planets.”


“That idiot in Roswell who told the press we captured a flying saucer.”

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