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Trailers, Quotes & 15 Tape Tales

'Criminal: United Kingdom' series 2 trailer

Kit Harrington and that awful woman star.

Best Lines:

“I've forgotten what it's like, talking to people like you.”

“You've no idea what I've been through.”

'The Deceived' 1x02 promo


'The Deceived' 1x03 promo


Best Lines:

“God forgive you son!”

“Don't you find it at all strange?”

'Star Trek: Discovery' season 3 trailer

They're in the future, no going back. It's the year 3188 and the UFP collapsed. What's the burn? Mmmm.

Best Line:

“930 years.”

'Ratched' trailer

What happened to her parents? Mmm.

'Rebecca' (2020) trailer

Erase this from the planet.

Best Line:

“Taking her husband, using her name.”

Natural lime seltzer – mmm.

Read up on the 2 'Veronica Mars' novels – oh hell no.

I feel aimless. I feel long running antipathy. My ex is still not deeply contrite. He embraced the villain's role and feeds on negative energy. I didn't handle the ghosting well at all. I'm absolutely furious all the time. Angry, furious and sad. My ex is far from attentive. My ex blanked me – I feel hurt, abandonment and resentment. My ex decided not to be involved. He has no joy and care. My ex has utter disregard and it is not apparent disregard, it's utter disregard. My ex worries and upsets me. His glib attiude hurts. My ex leaving me was awful. My ex did not treat me with respect and dignity. I have hurt, anger, disapointment and tarnished memories. I have serious concern and regret. My ex didn't stick it out. My ex had deliberate intention. He's horribly callous. My ex was not supportive or caring. My ex caused extreme disappointment. My ex = uncaring and vile. I thought my ex was kind but he was cruel and cynical. My ex was not companionable and he had no loving kindness. I can't revisit my ex fondly. He was emotionally and mentally devastating. My ex's promises were meaningless and an impossibility. He defied behavioural norms. 👻

What are boiled peanuts?

I'd try pumpkin and chocolate pie.

I miss 'Dollhouse', the world ended in 2019 in that show.

Cleared out 15 tapes. Who recalls 'GvsE', 'Jack Of All Trades' or 'Cleopatra 2525'? Or the vile Xander and Riley on the unfeminist 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'? 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

'Louis Theroux: Life On The Edge' Quotes:

“Weird things happen to them.”

“You against who?”


“Things turned sour.”

“Scared blowhards.”

“Chaos in the cities.”

“Harmful hateful people.”

“Make men soil themselves.”

“Consider ourselves warrior monks.”

“First generation of UFO believers.”

“Space being.”

“Human space travel.”

“Come packaged as something reasonable.”

“Hillside dwelling end times believing.”

“Real sincere belief.”

“Are close.”

“Toxic, dangeorus, poisonous.”

“Would that create a problem between us?”

“Views were completely abhorrent.”

“Balls out conflict.”

“Not much for the Nintendo.”

“Hide in bushes and stuff.”

“Always have the same views.”

“Incapable of change.”

“Born now.”

“Used to live at the bars.”

“Pound shop Nietzeche.”

“Private thing.”

"No. Not at all.”

“Live better.”

“Pre history.”

“Cheesy creepy stuff.”

“Still doing it.”

'Sherlock' Quote:

“Outlive god, trying to have the last word.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Confronted with physical aggression.”

“Conspiratorial coverup.”

“Aware of criticism.”

“That's not a truthful statement.”

“PR terms.”

'Poirot' Quotes:

“The scaping goat.”

“Queer old cove.”

“Everybody saw him and nobody saw him.”

“Friends. No.”

“Business most dark.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Fighting a reputation as a drama queen who melted under pressure and operated with a, shall we say, liberal approach to the medical timeout rule.”

“Attempted to provoke retaliation.”

“Adored by the people.”

“Defines itself by what it is not.”

“Gloomier predictions.”

“Expect stellar results from prestigious schools.”


“Acceptance is absent.”

“Accused her of exaggerating her reaction.”

“A smattering of boos grew into a cacophony.”

“Reputation has taken a battering.”

“Receives weekly death threats.”

“Put out a statement saying that they were disowning me.”

“Resent her for insisting I do something.”

“Grieve the future milestones that will never be.”

“Whatever it is people full of drink do in packed houses.”

“Civil rebellion.”

“Disease spreaders.”

“Grim milestone.”

“Public opinion can be ignored.”

“Designed (successfully) to provoke intenational outrage.”

“Act of bad faith.”

“Recreate the moment she had imagined.”

“Would never even consider this an option.”

“Potential litigation.”

“Ill-formulated and ill-understood.”

'Malcolm In The Middle' Quotes:

“The whole neighbourhood hates us.”

“Communities seek out a common enemy.”

“Lawnmower parade.”

'Spooks' Quotes:

“After me, there'll be more.”

“Thrash the place. Make it look good.”

'Roswell' Quote:

“Grateful to have some boundaries clearly laid out for me.”

'GvsE' Quotes:

“I harbour some ill will.”

“Beautiful people with no jobs live in these massive apartments in New York city.”

Watched the '(Un)well' ep about 'Tantric Sex': there is wellness speak and people don't know what tantric practice really is. There are clips of Sting and Oprah and Will Smith. This is a social outlet? There is abuse potential here. There is woo woo speak and perfidiousness. This was utterly deranged and there are hippies and social pressure.

There are diatribes and disastrous effects and moral matters and people who resolutely refuse to condemn those who abuse. Woo woo people lack moral cores and consciences. People are moral monsters. The woo woo world is not always kind or safe. There is no positive connective cultural understanding. There is no fearful mood of caution. There are threats and coercion. There is no moral law and there are trivial incidents and arrogance.

Best Lines:

“Cult like.”

“Tradition they have no notion of.”

“Clean out the body.”

“Sexual magic.”

“Say hi in a warm way.”

“While he praises you.”

“Somehow this is gonna change your life.”

“Sexual emission.”

“Much wider exploration.”

“Western way of looking.”

“Ancient India.”

“Portal into the divine.”

“Sex the marker of a sexual relationship.”

“4 children to take care of. 2 ex-wives.”

“Unloving with himself.”

“Live with confidence and joy.”

“Ear sucking.”

“Brain event.”

“Massive element of danger.”

“Higher truth of everything.”

“So revered and so known.”

“Hurt themselves with that.”

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