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The Deceived (2020) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed


The talentless Emmett J. Scanlan who showkilled 'Krypton', 'Hollyoaks' and 'Constantine' stars in this inept Channel 5 drama. He is a college lecturer who student Ophelia sluts after. He's married. But Ophelia still stalks him and learns his wife is dead. This has nice gothic opening credits and one of the 'Normal People' lot is in this. There is 'Rebecca' like narration. Does the creepy prof love the hold he has over Ophelia?

The prof has a beard and a 3 piece suit and is married to a writer. There is no frightening sense of doom. Despair fills Ophelia and she shags the prof in his chair. She finds their relationship addictive and positively eroticised. Some awful occurances are alluded to. Her perception of what he is, is evidently questionable. This was utterly horrible to watch.

Who is she talking to? The affair is common knowledge. Red flags are obvious. He is so obviously fake. Then he vanishes. Anything with Emmet in it is guaranteed to suck. A 'Derry Girls' actor is in this. Ophelia stalks her prof to Ireland. Scary music blares. The prof's wife has died and an old house is lived in depsite the wife dying horribly in it. Ophelia is pregnant. He brings his fancy woman to his house after his wife's funeral.

Whatever the wife achieved is gone. There is knocking. He's capable of manipulation and cruelty. There is no lurking trepidation. There are lies. The prof is called Michael and he is a prat. There are emails and snooping.

The wife's bff Ruth wants answers. He goes when and as he pleases. Is he intimidating her into staying with him? He's coercive and not inconsolable. You don't get to say no to him. Isn't she a college student? How did she just drop out and shack up with him? It's dark and one can't see what is going on. Why is she tied up?

Best Lines:

“This wretched house.”

“Let circumstances make my decisions for me.”

“Better than Hardy.”

“Reporting back to you.”

“As long as you don't think it's terrible.”

“The suffering we were causing.”

“Reviews are annoyingly good.”

“Explain my own work to me.”

“Without any outsiders.”

“Trying to make trouble for me.”

“Took off down the driveway in your pyjamas.”


Michael heads back to Cambridge. Ruth was bothering his dad. Ophelia running off has attracted no notice. There is bad acting. Who is Matthew? A psychic lurks and Michael was jealous of his wife. There is an evil tea caddy. Ophelia makes herself at home with the dead wife's clothes, lipstick, perfume and bath. There was glass in the bath. Is the house safe to live in? Why is there a nursery already? FFS. Run bitch run! This was rubbish.

Best Lines:

“I did tell you.”

“After the funeral.”

“Bad things happen here.”

“This place can be creepy, let's be honest.”

“I'm pregnant.”

“Thank god for that, I just thought you might be on crack.”

“A legacy like that lives on.”

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