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Biohackers 1x03 + The Twilight Zone 1x06 + Veronica Mars 4x04&4x05 Reviewed


The doctor violently resisted disclosure or scrutiny of her life and so she behaves unreasonably to those around her. There are more flashbacks to lil'Mia. There are poisonous secrets and lies. The doctor has pantomine malignity.

Mia is seeped in rage. What is her wider purpose? What is the appalling truth? This was not profoundly unsettling. The doctor is terribly toxic. The voiceover actors ramble incoherently. People have thunderous expressions. The doctor has offsite digital storage and is dispassionate. There are no unreasoned decisions. What is the doctor's supposed pay off? The doctor keeps everything in her house.

Events deliberately stymie Mia. What is the blue stuff Jasper had in a needle? People bike. The doctor has so much public adulation. Nobody is morally centred. Mia and Jasper hang out. The doctor is mad, sad and bad. The roommates scorn all attempts at social graces.

Drugs are taken. This show is less and less charming. The doctor has egotism and is uncompromising. Mia has sorta ferocious hostility. Jasper lacks judgment. Mia's not cautious as she gets Jasper to take her to the doctor's house. The doctor's name is Tanja. There is no sense of uncertainty. There are guilty secrets.

The doctor is talented and incredibly well respected. This was not nuanced. Jasper done fall down. The doctor has plagues in her home lab. Is the doctor the devil incarnate? This is a maelstrom. This was not chilling, complex or balanced. There is an acceptance of duplicity and moral gymnastics. This was convoluted and far fetched hokum and silliness. This show has weird tone disjuncture.

Mia is peeved. Jasper is shirtless and in a bath. He has an illness. Disparaging remakrs are flung. Jasper has no choice but to work for the doctor who can 'cure' him. Jasper's jerk roommate lurks. This was not poignant. Mia's family are blemishless figures of memory. The doctor prospers mightily.

Mia is a living vengeance weapon. This is a grim joke. This show is steadily worsening. The doctor is a meance. There is a severe effect on morale. Mia's grandmother took her in. Jasper's roommate does constant harrying. Mia lies and uses people and has resting pulse derangement. This was a grandiose folly. The doctor wants to achieve domiination. She's a ferocious predator. She's done untold damage. Mia establishes herself, worrying others will eradicate her. The doctor's evil undergoes exponential growth.

What will the dire consequences be? There are trashy threats and a printer runs out of paper. Jasper has a merciless disease. The doctor is seen as the closest science gets to a saint. Mia left a page behind in the printer. There is a disapproving circle around Mia. There is no boundary or appropriateness. The doctor may be onto Mia. Did Jasper attack the train with his CGI flies? Why would he cause devastation? There are no acts of decency or notion of trust.

Best Lines:

“Please go deeper.”

“Serious chocolate.”

“I'm coming ice cream!”

“Her bush is glowing!”

“My bush!”

“Crazy bunker.”

“It's illegal.”

“Far far away.”

“I'm so tired, can I go?”

“Personality disorder dementia.”

“What are you doing in my house?”

“Little set up in the basement.”

“You're exactly like her.”

“Cloning sheep?”

“Old school.”

Six Degrees Of Freedom

As the Bradbury mission prepares to head to Mars, liftoff is interrupted by ICBMs launched by North Korea. This was a furious missive and the Bradbury has a radiation shield – or is that what it is? There is a disqueting sense something is wrong. Is there an existential threat out there? The crew are negatively impacted. They launch. Things are particularly suspicious.

The 5 crew members are nerve wracked by what has taken place. The ship is a toxic environment on the 4 year mission. They're pressed and understandably fearful and deadly serious and yet have grim excitment. Are they inevitably doomed? There are defiant statements and they are ashen faced with anxiety.

They're in a frantic state. The ship has pseudo gravity. Did disastrous lurid incompetence wipe out humanity? Is there a fraud farcical in its simplicity going on? Is a reckoning going on? There is talk of a neutron burst and there is an insatiable hunger for answers. There is a serious almost apocalyptic message going on.

This was absorbing and engaging. It is not a happy and joyful time. There is a pragmatic purpose and there is the brutality of real life. There is tumultuous fallibility. There are bonkers moral dilemmas and dark subjects. Are they sure reality is real with utter definiteness? There is resentment and no compelling playfulness. There is inelegance and a terrible catastrophe. There is an unequal society and lurking unease. There is no genial conversation.

One man is a liability. Things become intolerable. Was there really a cataclysm? This was desultory. There is pretentiousness and there is a rising level of resentment. Rage and frustration becomes terrifying to behold. A man has a notebook of crazy. This does not build anticipation. Things are perplexing. People are sceptical. Darker plans are afoot. People become utterly irascible.

Is this show enjoying acclaim? A man tries to convince others of the merits of his theory. He lambasts others. There are cutting remarks and unreasonable actions. The discussion gets intense. There is bad singing and a mention of Whipple spaceport. WTF was the ending? Now what? What about Earth's fate? There is no absolute joy.

Best Lines:

“Pop the hatch.”

“American counter strike.”

“Abort or go?”

“How can this possibly be happening?”

“Greatest invention ever created by the human spirit.”

“Earth escape velocity.”

“Porthole cover.”

“Great Filter.”

“World's goal for us.”

“Earth escape velocity achieved.”

“We cannot risk any children.”

“This is the nightmare.”

“Commander of nothing.”

“Distress realy alert.”

“What is somebody answers?”

“Not all gone.”

“The only evidence there was advanced life on Earth is fake.”

“They're watching us.”

“Terminal descent.”

“We made it through the Great Filter.”

“They are worthy of salvation. Prepare to make contact.”

Heads You Lose

People in Neptune are accustomed to misery. Veronica has no mercy and she goes to Chino to visit the ghosts of cases past. Who was Tim? Who was Mercer? I can't recall. Why is Veronica hanging out with Dick? Why isn't Dick's crazy dead brother mentioned?!? Veronica is totally the I'm Not Like Other Girls, I Only Have Men Friends Due To Drama type. Leo's back. Go away Logan, you tool. Where is Veronica's mother?!? It's obvious who the baddie is due to the stunt casting. Veronica has endless distain for everyone. Weevil tells Veronica where to go. Leo is in the FBI. Weevil is back with the PCHers and his wife and child have gone. Logan likes 'Harlots', he would. Vinnie Van Lowe shows up. Who is Max? Penn attention seeks. This was medicore.

Best Lines:

“Clean decent respectable.”

“How's clever working out?”

Losing Streak

Veronica is toxic to Logan and ignores and mocks her 'friends'. The cop is subject to verbal abuse by jerks. Veronica is awful and does weed and waves a gun. Why DOES Veronica suspect Big Dick? There is racism. Where is Celeste Kane? Veronica is racist and awful to Weevil. Why is Weevil sniffing? Is he on drugs? Veronica is a bitch. Matty lurks. The dodgy lawyer defends hookers now. Where did the Mexican hitmen go? Oh there they are. Veronica is such a racist bitch. Why is the mayor running around naked? Veronica has a vendetta and is a raging hypocrite. I hate her. I hate this. Why won't she leave town? There is another bomb and mentions of season 2. Nicole is suspected because Veronica is a racist bitch.

Best Lines:

“Every sweat sock he tried to impregnate!”

“Drunk, in a secluded wood with guns.”

“Gutter sh*t!”

“Hoodlum weekly.”

"The people you care about let you down."

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