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Trailers, Quotes & 10 Tape Tales

'Why Women Kill' promo


'Evil' promo

A letdown.

Fudge Brownie M&Ms – nice.

Chunky triple nut choc – yum.

My ex behaved unreasonably. How did my relationship deteriorate? What my ex did is lonely and isolating. My ex had no desire to give me commitment and a relationship. My ex is loathsome and he has a paucity of feeling. My ex = absolutely reprehensible and he generated enormous resentment. My ex has shown no remorse at the unexplained loss. He has sustained indifference. Why such a lack of popularity? What inevitably seperated me and my ex? The cruelty of his abandonment goes on. He was demonstably false and he abandoned fidelity. My irritating ex did thought out cruelty. My ex is...not there anymore. He inexplicablly cut contact. He's absolutely awful. My ex = toxic and volatile. The ease with which he broke his word shocks me. I was so quickly disregarded by my ex. I feel terribly lonely. I feel festering animosity. Why did things sour spectacularly with my ex? My ex is a ghostlighter who did me a terrible disservice. There is grief for what has been lost. Does my ex have no emotional response? He did a pathological rejection. My ex had a failure to ever do quite what anyone needed him to. My ex needs to redeem his questionable behaviour. My ex is totally irresponsible and he caused problems for himself.

'Ginger & Rosa' = poo.

'New Mutants' looks catastrophically boring.

I tossed 10 tapes. 📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼

I'd try a DB burger royale and smoked top sirloin and American cheese sauce and a baked egg custard.

What is Gentleman's Relish?

I want a prada linea rossa sweater. I want a cotton wool piquet cardigan by Gucci.


'Channel 4 News' Quote

“Not doing no work.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Top of the top.”

'Away' Quotes:

“Fire is the sum of all fears in space.”

“Future demands otherwise.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Angry and agitated state.”

“Conviction machine.”

“Function of myths.”



“Bar zones.”

“Agrgued his case to no avail.”

“Accepting his fate.”

“Cornerstone of our social heritage.”

“Predicted events as varied as the death of Henry II of France to the sinking of the Titanic.”

“Persistently telephoning her,”

“Cultural change.”

“Taken by the sea.”

“Alienated much of the liberal establishment that once feted him.”

“Obdurate Teuton.”

“Abandoned by many of his former champions in public life.”

“Campaign of character assassination.”

“Drain public sympathy.”

“Unflattering reports emerged about everything.”

“Terrifying images from Bergamo in Italy of army trucks ferrying away the dead because the local crematorium could not care.”

“Genuine torment.”

“We didn't even have FM radio.”

“Their interiority is overwhelming and malevolent to them.”

“Sees nothing in there that pleases her,”

“Flavour profile.”

“Outright rejecting a man's advances has ended with the man becoming aggressive,”

“In the safest way she knew how.”

“Using public pressure to coerce her into doing what she wanted,”

“Train you to always say yes to him.”

“Remember crowds? Remember applause?”

“Poisoned terrain.”

“Self defining “group”.”

“Legacy technologies.”

“Years of this kind of treatment at school.”

“Generational trauma.”

“Silence is offensive.”

“Scandalised defender of morality.”

“Suspected of disloyalty.”

“No dynasty lasts beyond three generations.”

“Who has made so many enemies in a very short time, can escape the fate he has imposed on others.”

“Spot-the-allusion nostalgia game for readers of a certain demographic.”

“Huddling in dreary pubs,”

“Ugly commentary.”

“Interconnecting storylines and characters.”

“The public have a romantic attraction to cobblestones.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Does not tolerate dissent.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Stabbing rampage.”

'Sisters' Quotes:

“Something else is the terror.”

“What would come.”

“She is in rooms the way chairs and tables are.”

“Called something down upon myself.”

'FTWeekend' Quotes:

“Too radical to be safely published.”

“They expect to have their view of the world to air.”

“Irreconcilable positions.”

“Righteousness of regulation.”

“Ancestral response to persecution.”

“Guaranteeing a death sentence.”

“Damning continuity.”

“Machines of terror.”

“Save learning from the deluge.”

“Their right to be present.”

“Literature erasure.”

“Half the websites they preserve disappear from the internet within two years. After three years, the figure is 70 per cent.”

“Low status in a hierarchy.”

“Each launch required 30 tonnes of potatoes at a time when Germany was running short of food.”

“Street casting.”

“Their authenticity was no longer required.”

“Social protocols.”

“Biologically dead.”

“Stream of online abuse gathered pace.”

“Make cash obsolete.”

“Furious online abuse.”

“”Ladies and bottles” club.”

“I like people to be redeemed.”

“Kinder version of the world.”

“Great flight from the city.”

“Filet mignon prepared under CDC guidelines.”

“Questionable defender of traditional values.”

“Police are lurking behind the bushes?”

'HowToSpendIt' Quotes:

“Embedded in the community.”

“Roman jewellery: it was considered to be women's personal property, they were legally entitled to buy, sell, bequeath or barter it.”

'Sword & Scale' Quotes:

“So many other tragedies built upon it.”

“Manaic living next door!”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Glassy smirk.”

“I don't really remember a time when they were happy together.”

“Really gothic and interesting and intense.”

“Tremendous suspicion that I was basically a spy.”

“I'd brought such disgrace on the household!”

“Apparent sins she had committed that her new colleagues had leaked to the Guardian.”

“Degrees of misery.”

“Personalise it.”

“Art that no one particularly cared about.”

“Absolutely miserable.”

“Fearing what has now come to pass.”

“Weary resignation.”

“Adversarial, manipulative, arrogant man, obsessed by perceived betrays of former allies and friends.”

“Bread has a sedative effect.”

“Cheering reassurance.”

“Survive almost any calamity.”

“Reality should be intermediated via codes and screens.”

“A destroyer of our world.”

“Position of ignorance.”

“Scathing takedown.”

“In case they courted popularity.”

“Fixed ideas of what's expected from social-realist drama.”

“Unresolvable tension.”

“Insinuatingly menacing.”

“Notoriously ferocious.”

“Meticulously contrived.”

“Ostentatiously unrepentant.”

“Neither of them as convincing as they evidently believe themselves to be.”

“His horrible father.”

“Delphic utterance.”

“A silly show-off sixth-form Stalinist bloke from The Guardian.”

“Increasingly intransigent and peevish.”

“Grim knowledge.”

“Uncomfortably fascinating.”

"Maddeningly petty authoritariarism.”

“Highly suspicious of advice.”

“Deeply motivated.”

“Supposedly disgraced.”

“Pathological anger issues.”

“Dominant social problem.”

“Supremely wasteful.”

“Thank-yous were few and far between.”

“Constant tensions.”

“Love of the limelight.”

“Chaos that surrounded him.”

“He needed to be the centre of attention.”

“Banshee of discontent.”

“Treated with sycophancy.”

“Badger enthusiast.”

“Seamless nude thong.”

“No money, no comey.”

'Upstairs, Downstairs' Quotes:

“Listening to history being made.”

“Respectable sort.”

“Not a sight you'll care to recollect.”

“A day so full of unimaginable things.”

“Rightful anger.”

“Duty has been done.”

“Must be put away.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Silly virus thing.”

“Different enough to justify its existence.”

'The Sunday Business Post' Quotes:

“Foreboding of what is yet to come.”

“Sickening low level of sense of dread and foreboding that never fully abates.”

“The world that I was born into is already done.”

“A door opening, one I could not follow her through.”

“Hell to live with.”

“Known to punch himself in the face.”

“Quest for a legacy.”

“Morality and purpose.”

“Overselling it.”

“A diagnosis of blame.”

“Public derison.”

“Inescapably tragic.”

“Terrible lives, charcterised by subservience and emotional pain.”

'Virgin Media News' Quote:

“Showed his frustration.”

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