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Fringe Season 2 Ep 7 Review

Of Human Action

A kidnapping is connected to Massive Dynamic. The team visit the German Expression nightmare that is Massive Dynamic HQ to ask some questions. Walter is jealous of Bell’s success. The son of an employee has been kidnapped, Walter sees parallels with himself. People who stumble across the kidnapping die, mind control is involved. But there is a twist, the victim is no victim and the evil kid is behind it all. This becomes clear when he mind controls Peter.

Walter is upset, no-one but him abducts Peter and messes with his brain. The kid hates his dad who has lied to him his entire life, Peter sees parallels with himself. Walter frets over losing his replacement goldfish son. The evil kid makes Peter help him find his mother. Broyles interrupts and Peter shoots him. The evil kid gets away with it all.

This was very good. Walter and Astrid wore tinfoil hats. Peter could fight the evil kid’s control and the whole thing turns out to have been a Massive Dynamic experiment in cloning and mind control. Oh Nina, what have you done? The parallels between the case of the week and the Bishops are obvious. This makes you wonder whose side Peter will be when he finds out what his fake dad did to him. Also does Walter never wonder how Peter’s real family felt about him being taken from them?

Best Lines:
“Walter? Remember that conversation we had about personal space?”

“Once you are given the order to put on the headphones do not remove them under any circumstances. If you do, you may die a gruesome and horrible death.”

“I can’t lose him again.”

“That friend of yours you keep talking about? You better pray he’s not with that kid."
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