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Book Reviews: Survivor Song + F.O.X.E.S

Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay

An intractable super-rabies spreads in this book from the author of the okay 'A Head Full Of Ghosts' and the terrible 'The Cabin At The End Of The World'. The super rabies spreads irrevocably in New England. The 8 months pregnant Natalie is bitten, she asks her doctor friend Ramola for help.

The area is ruined and utterly desolate. This is a harrowing tale of paranoia, pestilence, desperate longing and a cruelly implacable disease. This story takes a sad turn and people with conspiratorial mindsets and predictably incendiary views lurk in deeply unwelcome ways. This was very good and unflinching and darkly compelling. There is resilence, repudiation and nothing goes fortuitously. This book should be deservedly adored even if it is not conducive to joy.

Best Lines:

“The truth will go unheeded by some, as it invariably does.”

“He shouldn't walk so loudly;”

“Bright light could possibly attract infected animals or people.”

“As soon as it started getting bad.”

“Meant-to-be-broken promise?”

“Terribly and irreparably ill.”

“Medical point of no return.”

“Why no one is out here helping them.”

“Purposefully loud.”

“Ominious weight of both possibility and inevitability;”

“Cry-shaming you.”

“Inundated with people wo believe the virus is airborne, who believe this is some kind of zombie apocalypse, thinking their headaches and colds are proof of infection, or that they caught it because their dog sneezed on them.”

“The speed with which this virus infects is terrifying.”

“The federal government has yet to enact an emergency vaccine-production protocol.”

“Where are you keeping infected patients?”

“Third floor.”

“Any particular department?”

“The entire third floor.”

“Given the level of violence that infected patients present.”

“Inarticulate shouting.”

“A combative person with a weapon.”

“No longer capable of making good decisions.”

“A Fury Road wasteland.”

“No one came to help.”

“Coyote Cujo.”

“Divine nihilistic meaning.”

“Portent of terrible things to come.”

“They know there is no future.”

“Narcissistic purposeful fools.”

“Not do they dare acknowledge the implications of their questions.”

“Terrible price of that silence.”

“The horrible future.”

“Farmers would clear the impossibly rocky soil and used the stones to build over 100,000 miles of walls throughout New England.”

“Too clueless to fully appreciate the situation into which they've inserted themselves.”


“Cannot be negotiated or bargained with.”

“Miasma of unease.”

“The loss of who Ramola used to be and who she will never be again.”

F.O.X.E.S. By M.A. Bennett

After 'S.T.A.G.S' and 'D.O.G.S' – Greer is still drawn to the allure of privilege in this darkly compelling book. There is no absolute finality, another sequel is set up. Greer thinks the not dead Henry is doing a Kylo Ren. The upper class death cult goes on and Henry lurks. A 4th book is set up and Greer realises just how high up the conspiracy goes. Greer is inextricably linked to the death cult and finds a curious recurrence of links to classical works as well as a relentless pursuit of the non-u.

Best Lines:

“Leave it, ee's not wurf it.”

“My day fishing with Henry. It was one of the most fun days of my life – right up until the bit where he pushed me in the lake.”

“What do they teach you at that school?”

“Unquestioning priviledge.”

“I didn't care any more for Pier's good opinion,”

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