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Harlots 2x01&2x02+TNG 7x05+Motherland: Fort Salem 1x03&1x04+Away (2020) 1x01 Reviewed


This ITV/Hulu drama is now being shown on the BBC. Liv Tyler and Julian Rhind-Tutt join the cast. There is a long bitter legacy of irredeemable sins. A preacher rants. Margaret feels jealous and she is all incompetence. Lucy and co ho away as Harriet is out on her ear. Justice Hunt shows up and targets Lydia.

Trouble is rumbling and Hunt has Lydia arrested. Violet is caught thieving. Margaret is selfish. Will is sick of Margaret's crap. Violet will be transported unless she works for Justice Hunt. Lydia's sent to the house of correction. Emily and Nancy chat. A reporter doesn't do much. Charlie, Lydiai's useless son, is useless. The preacher's daughter is a wet rag.

People are in more danger than they think they are. Have they recast Lucy? Lady Fitz (Tyler) has a secret. Margaret wants a baby gone. Why would Lady Fitz let Charlotte into her house? What is Lady Fitz's secret? Anne lurks. Fanny is fat. This was okay. Will they light the set properly? Kitty is killed off.

Best Lines:

“Fleshy chasm.”

“Embrace your wretchedness.”

“Haughty, sneering slut!”

“You shame us all!”

“Who put the sour plum up your arse?”

“A month of clink for scratching her muff in the street.”

“Vexes me so.”

“May she be bitten by a plaguey rat!”

“Your ma's in the clink for being a dirty bawd!”

“Brought her fate upon herself.”

“You could have walked among them.”

“Grub Street press.”

“Brazen strumpet.”

“Constant game of sham.”


The opening credits are bad. Margaret's got the wrong end of the stick, again. Charlotte is disowned by her useless drama queen pimp mother. Margaret heaves her bosoms. There are implied threats and Violet is put to work. Lydia disowns Charlie. There is a whore riot. Justice Hunt tries to exude gravity and solemnity. Margaret causes chaos and unwittingly causes problems. Will they light the damn set properly. This was bad. Nancy's flogged. Lady Fitz is on the hook. Harriet gets a job. Lydia gets a warning. Margaret is awful.

Best Lines:

“Be as good as she thinks I am.”

“Beasts with buckled shoes.”

“You show no gratitude at all.”

“Port on your mumma's rug!”

“Information I guard for you.”

“Honour in righteous poverty.”

“Never to hand out kindness freely.”


Data dreams. This ep has debatable attributes. The dreamscape is an unnerving domain. Or rather tries to be. Remember the whole warp speed limitations crap? Data talks to holo-Freud. Data stabs Troi. Worf minds Spot and whines about Alexander liking jazz. The stabbing was for Troi's own good – no really. TPTB go there. Troi gives Data cake. No.

Best Line:
"All night! Every night!"

A Biddy's Life

Male witches show up. This was directed by Amanda Tapping. There is mumbling and a swimming pool spell. There is bad acting and an egg. Raelle is thick. Apples rot. There is a magic flag. There is a feud over a 2 century year old battle. Draft dodgers are called dodgers. Raelle's father is not a witch. There is talk of witch hunters. One of Sarah's biddies dies. This was greviously dull. The biddies aren't actually old. There is another death.

Best Lines:

“We object. Again.”

“Witch father.”


“Did she fall in combat?”

Hail Beltane

Scylla is a lying liar who lies. This was dreadful. There is a dance routine, like this was 'She's All That'.

Best Lines:

“Pleasure you will have.”

“Death current.”


Haven't they done this show before with 'Mars' and Sean Penn? Hilary Swank has 2 oscars. 2! Yet she is reduced to this. There is bad VFX and a crew plan to lauch to Mars from Lunar Base Alpha. Wouldn't she be in quarantine?

This is a 5 nations Mars mission. America has the finanical burden and the commander is Emma (Swank). There is exposition and talk of botany and chemistry and the mission will take 3 years. Her husband is meant to be in mission control. Emma is self doubting and she has no emotional honesty. There is cultural pessimsim. One needs to understand this show's reasoning.

There is phone coverage on the moon. People are culturally, politically and ideologically motivated. What is CCM disorder? Emma's hubby is played by Josh Charles. This was ruinously dull. What's a T38? The prevailing dogma is that the crew hate Emma. This was a bland miasma of meaninglessness. The crew's anti-Emma stories don't match up.

There is stated misbehaviour and social dislocation. People are aggrieved and there are revelations and misplaced priorities. This was absurd and there is no vigorous debate. Matt had a stroke on the kitchen floor. There are unhappy realities. What year is this? This was inadequate. Emma and Matt's daughter saw her father faceplant.

This had disjointedness and it was not plausible. Utterly naive people whine. Emma's going to Mars, sick husband or no sick husband. There is discontent and this won't be wildly popular. There is no considerable affection. This was spuriously contrived and mundane. There is self destructive behaviour and an excursion. There is no escalating tension. This was not an electrifying experience. There are no explosive confrontations and this was borderline bland. There is no uncertainty or dread. This was frustrating and obtuse and artistically barren.

Best Lines:

“Taking this job demands terrible sacrifices.”

“Social imperatives.”

“Talking mutiny.”

“Daughter I abandoned.”

“Crew that thinks I tried to kill them.”

“NASA drama.”

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