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Movie Reviews: The Bridge Curse + Dinner For Schmucks 👎👎😣😣👎👎😣😣👎👎

The Bridge Curse (2020)

Uni students test an urban legend about the ghost of a female student that haunts a campus bridge. People are irresponsible and stupid in this subtitled movie. Social media is used and people are stricken and there is no clarity of mind. Talent is un-obvious. This was not much anticpated.

People avoid situations of interest. This was widely perceived as rubbish. This was a wholesale failure. The supernatural will not co-operate. This was inelegant and relentlessly drab with no heartrending poignancy. Characters have obliviousness to embarrassement and this causes terrible boredom. Students are absurd and reckless and soul-crushingly predictable.

Ghosts have a malign effect. There is no shifting unease This was not relentlessly epochal. Students have a horrendous experience and have dour demeanours in this lacklustre film. A chair moves. This was not truthful or searing. Are the students being annoying on purpose? The ghost has some grim unknown purpose. There is no all-pervasive fatalistic dread or abject despair.

People stare into the middle distance with frozen expressions. One is numb to whatever charms this has. This was unthreatening in its narrative. The ghost is a troll. One is disinterested. A ghost of unthinkable proportions who lives in infamy lurks. This is incompetence. The distraught students are the traget of a vicious and orchestrated campaign. There is a toilet scare and this was of lesser concern. There is no insight and this was not exalted, just clabber.

Best Lines:

“We study Liberal Arts, we understand nothing.”

“Can't we talk nicely?”

“Courage test.”

Dinner For Schmucks (2010)

The host of a dinner party invites his 'friends' to bring the saddest loser they can find. Paul Rudd, Jeff Dunham, Bruce Greenwood, Ron Livingstone, Chris O'Dowd and Octavia Spencer star. Recall 'The Last Supper'? This isn't like that.

The vile boss (Greenwood) hosts the dinner paty and orders a nard (Rudd) to bring an idiot along so said idiot can be mocked. This is messed up. Rudd sees this as a clossal opportunity to join the intellectually arrogant. This was not alluringly amoral. People have little compassion and can be really appalling. These people are the bad elements in the community.

There is no moral barometer. People seem motivated by a base hatred of people they perceive to be different from themselves. Their power is in inverse proportion to their level of public scrutiny. This has no profound societal impact.This was the doldrums and an idiot is hopping with idiocy. This was a misjudgment. People think the idiot has a limited contribution to society.

Rudd has a girlfriend whose only character trait is being constantly riled. People have begrudgery. This was unremarkable and has only a modicum of success. This was a chaotic mess and nobody is selfless and responsible. The girlfriend is un-understanding and she is an obstructive and an assassin of joy. There is mockery and public humilation.

Rudd is foolish and people have silent, invisible malice. People are furtive and are the singular focus of this. There is unspeakable barbarity and totally gratuitous cruelty. People are in precarious positions and an artist is arty. There is no harmonious coexistence. The future Rudd has envisioned no longer exists. There is no trust or confidence. This blunders badly and people have frustrated bile.

There is fire, a broken window, a vulture, a bemoaning galpal, selfish cretins, ravings by the elite, zealous and manic idiots in this irrelevant film. There are no momentous decisions made – this does not have a profound impact. There is no going back as the idiots have changed the course of lives.

Best Lines:

“How pitiful is that?”

“Front runners who fall of the cliff.”

“Smell of dead dreams.”

“These people are so pathetic.”

“Just lie, it's not that hard.”

“You can't go lower.”

“Americans are so uptight about radiation.”

“Everything wins. That's a new one.”

“No mimes. It's just a cliche.”


“Couldn't run away.”

“Isn't divorced or dating a hooker.”

“Panty bottom.”

“Want to lick cheese off my naked body?”

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