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Sanctuary Season 1 Eps 6 – 9 Reviewed


Two cute fluffy abnormals are found. They eat and breed like tribbles and then they escape. Cue some very funny adventures. Meanwhile in a terminally dull sub-plot, Helen conducts an autopsy on a man who believed he was an abnormal and Will deals with his whining grand daughter. This was good aside from the whining grand daughter.

The Five

Magnus meets her old pal Tesla in Rome. Yes he is that Tesla, he’s also a vampire. Meanwhile John grabs Ashley and gives her a rundown on her mother’s past. He tells her how back in the day Magnus was part of a group called The Five. John was a member too as was Tesla and some chaps named Sir Nigel and James Watson. They had the bright idea one night to shoot themselves up with vampire blood. They all got various side effects. Magnus got eternal life, John got his teleportation power and Tesla became a vampire for example. Perfectly rational thing to do isn’t it?

Meanwhile Tesla and Magnus discuss how pure blood vampires are extinct and their part in history. It’s an interesting twist on the legend. Tesla has creepy teeth and a plan. Elsewhere Will learns Henry is an abnormal, Will needs to shut up as he acts like a self righteous snot. This was very good even if Ashley discovering who her father is was a non-event.


An autistic teenager named Edward draws pictures that could show how his father died. Will is asked to help on the case by his former boss (Kavan Smith of ‘Stargate: Atlantis’). The team investigate whodunit and learn that Edward is an abnormal. The truth about the death and some twisted family dynamics come to light. This was good.


Will and Magnus are on a submarine in the Bermuda Triangle looking for Merpeople. They come across a lot of dead ones. The ocean full of dead merfolk is a very creepy image. As the duo investigates, Magnus starts acting axe crazy and Will is menaced. Luckily some convenient liquid nitrogen saves the day. This was sadly dull.

Best Lines:
I guess Ike didn’t want to breathe the same air as the Nazi high command.”
“Some of them didn’t even breathe air.”

“Our whole life is a b movie.”

“I have lived longer than any human has a right to. In the end all I can hope is to choose how it ends. Being taken over by an undersea parasite is not on the list.”

“You weak pathetic little bastard!”
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