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Movie Reviews: The Client + Witches In The Wood 👎👎😣😣👎👎

The Client (1994)

Tommy Lee Jones stars in this tale of an annoying kid who learns something vital. This was based on the novel. The kid annoys. Susan Sarandon, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony LaPaglia, J.T. Walsh, Anthony Edwards, Brad Renfro, Will Patton, Kim Coates, Ossie Davis, William H. Macy, William Sanderson and John Diehl co star.

Best Line:

“Dirt poor crazy people.”

Witches In The Woods (2019)

Annoying characters played by no names head out in the snow whilst doing banal chattering. There is talk of a long ago witch hunt. They get standed and yell and can't act. This was insufferable, bad and inept.

Best Line:

“Loose definition of road.”

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