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Pandemica Issue 5 Reviewed

The story comes to an end with violence and death. Yeats is quoted and those behind the pandemic plan to go into exile. Who was Moses? Or Karl Galton? What about the infected? This was miserabilist ecriture plate. There is a sort of optimistic ending alongside vioelnce and a bike chase. This was okay. This rarely deals in nuance just apocalyptic westernists.

Best Lines:

“The world is broken.”

“She has every single disease known to man.”

“Hieronymous Bosch never painted any hellscape as bad as this.”

“Anyone who can't be trusted not to talk to a congrssional committee is either dead now or will be.”

“Under indefinite martial law.”

“He's totally paranoid.”

“He should be.”

“We're standing on the edge, and the abyss is calling.”

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