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Movie Reviews: Venom + Get Out + Eyes Of Laura Mars

Venom (2018)

Tom Hardy stars in this film that has no real Marvel logo. This film was a magnet for controversy before it even came out. A spaceship breaks up on re-entry. It was carrying 'samples' from somewhere. A reckless, careless rich jerk jerks. Michelle Williams plays Hardy's love interest as he shows off his latest weird accent.

The rich due has unproven rumours about him. Eddie Brock (Hardy) is the unwilling recipient of a strange visitor from another planet. This film was hardly unique. Eddie and the rich evil dude engage in tempermental outbursts and unbrindled baiting. What happened to Eddie in NY? There is a coming conflagration due to dangerous lunacy.

The wholly irresponsible Eddie has purported enemies, tats and reacts badly to things and obliviously rambles on. Eddie is forthright in expressing himself in ill-judged fashion. His love interest has a cat. Eddie snoops – one wonders if he has mental acuity issues. Does this exist with all the other Marvel movies?

There is exposition and the rich dude has displeasure and insouciance. Does one care about the outcome? Scorn and derison are heaped on Eddie. The rich guy yells about dead bodies and Eddie ends up fired and dumped. There is bad, bad news. The rich dude is capable of horrifying cruelty.

Eddie's enroute to a complete emotional and physical breakdown. Eddie is partially complicit in attracting displeasure. There are tantrums, unhinged torment and muddled thinking. The rich dude does nasty human trials and he has open hostility to Eddie. This was spurious. Eddie exasperates and should conduct himself in a more reasonable fashion.

There is an emotional breakdown. Characters vigorously annoy. Was the gore edited down? Eddie is angry and frustrated. Eddie is bitter and sad. A woman is called Dr Skirth. Eddie rants about losing his apartment – but he still has it. The baddie is remorseless and his love interest moves on fast. There are disturbing cirumstances. Things go terribly wrong and nobody is willing to listen. There is a lack of robust oversight of the rich guy.

It is normal that this Earth has a private space programme and a spaceship on a recon mission. The alien symbionts can't survive on Earth without hosts. The rich guy wants to leave the 'dying' Earth and survive in space. Nobody is willing to listen. Eddie has nowhere to go. Eddie trashes his own life. The baddie has a whiff of arrogance and is patronising and disrespectful and he has chilling plans.

People have legitimate expectation of responsible behaviour. Eddie had a homeless woman friend who ends up dead. There is no moral realisation. Why in one scene is it night and then it is suddenly daylight? Eddie is now a host to Venom – who speaks English. So much for Eddie's media driven anger. Justified anger. Eddie can't effectively deal with the transgressions of the rich. Eddie makes a hames of things. There is a serious breach of responsibility. Eddie has absolutely no competence.

Eddie eats with full on method acting. Hardy sticks his head down a toilet. There is no accountability. Eddie has a shifty demeanour. Eddie jumps in a fish tank and shoves a lobster into his maw. There are fights and idiot people. Eddie is confronted by a troubling reality. This was not brilliant. How can it be that they let the rich bloke act like that? There is deteroration. If they tried to make views happen, they failed.

Anger and frustration are caused. Eddie has had a profound irreversible change. This causes weariness and there are incoherent fights and vfx. Eyelines are off and there is death. The symbionts have a plan. There is a mood of vengeance. The world is increasingly hostile and unaccountable. The rich dude favours thuggery. There are ways of conflict. There are no laudable aims. Things are fractious. There is damage and decay. This was functionless. What happened to the dog?

Disaster is wrought. The rich jerk acts grotesquely. This was not a visceral evocation. Stan Lee has a cameo and Riz Ahmed does dull suprise acting as the baddie. There is a sequel hook.

Best Lines:

“Got out of containment.”

“Ask him about his space programmes.”

“Pathologically self absorbed.”

“We're not finished.”

“Yes you are Mr Brock.”

“Is that a threat?”

“The Daily Globe incident.”

“Run out of New York.”

“Life Foundation.”

“Silence those of us who ask questions.”

“Change the world.”

“Entire empire built on dead bodies.”

“All the way bad!”

“I don't care anymore.”

“We would be able to survive there.”

“Bought a dvd off your cousin.”

“I'll call you back, okay I won't.”

“Names spoken long after we are dust.”

“First contact.”

“Yes. But we don't call them that.”

“Clear that out.”

“Let's bite all the heads off and pile em up in the corner.”

“Pretty cool actually.”

“You bit somebody's head off.”

“Kind of a loser, like you.”

“Did your momma not love you?”

“A me thing.”

“Gonna be Carnage.”

“Forgo the whole creepy serial killer thing.”

“Like a turd in the wind.”

Get Out (2017)

Chris meets his girlfriend's family while his comedy relief friend yells. No.

Best Line:

“I told you not to go in that house.”

Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978)

Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. She's a fashion photographer who has a psychic connection with a serial killer. He's a cop. There are hideous 70s clothes and hair. The acting is bad. Raul Julia is Laurs's awful ex. This was ridic. You can guess the twist can't you? This was hollow.

Best Lines:

“Serious by what standard?”

“Own loony way.”

“Promoting porno and decadence.”

“Mix with the real people now.”

“Did not do nothing.”

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