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Book Review: The Trouble With Heroes

The Trouble With Heroes edited by Denise Little

This DAW anthology offers up a selection of light hearted tales about the other side of heroism.

The Horror in the Living Room
H.P. Lovecraft and his housekeeper deal with Things Beyond Description on a regular basis in this hilarious parody.

Take my word for it: Bad idea!
This is a good tale of Heracles and a Queen who loved him.

Merry Maid
This is a very different take on the romance of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. This is good.

Reclaiming His Inner Ape
A sort of sequel to ‘King Kong’, this asks what happens to the hero and heroine when they try to live a normal life? It’s good.

Honey, I’m home
The untold story of Odysseus and Penelope’s reunion after their 20 year separation. This is very funny.

Ballad of the Groupie Everlasting
The muse of music has stories to tell. This is okay.

The Quin Quart
Arthur and Guinevere: the untold story. This amuses.

If The shoe Fits
This is an okay modern day take on ‘Cinderella’.

Boldy Reimagined
This hilarious story is set in the writer’s room of an action tv show.

This is a nice dark take on ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’. It’s good.

Love in the time of Car Alarms
A man, a woman and a superhero. This is a nice tale of love and a secret identity.

The Problem With Metaphors
This is a creepy tale of how a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa nearly goes wrong and reveals a hidden secret. This is very good.

Clay Feet
Mysterious goings on in a museum put ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to shame. This is okay.
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