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Movie Reviews: Memphis Belle + Manhunter

Memphis Belle (1990)

The story of a WWII Flying Fortress bomber crew. It is full of shouting young actors and bad VFX to show the hideousness of war. They are the worst-impacted division. Sean Astin shows off his nipples and a mission goes spectacularly wrong. The planes are obviously models. Matthew Modine and Eric Stoltz and Billy Zane and Reed Diamond co star. They need emotional strenght and there is wild overacting and bad ADR.

Where are the women? There is 'rousing' music playing and a bible is seen. There is no intellectual essence and this is not exactly a day of triumph. This was neither charming nor compelling. This was vacuous and there is potential for disillusionment. They have commonality of purpose: to live. Acclaim for them was hard earned and a long time coming.

This was wearying and dull, dull, very dull. John Lithgow and Jane Horrocks and Ben Browder feature. There is bad wound makeup. Zane goes for the Clark Gable look. Tate Donovan, D.B. Sweeney, Harry Connick, Jr., Courtney Gaines and David Strathairn also star.

Best Lines:

“I thought we hit that target a month ago.”

“This is the religious one. There's always a religious one.”

“Have the ground crews work through the night.”

“Daylight bombing is a big mistake.”

“Throw every fighter they got at us.”

“I'm not in shock! You're in shock!”

“Safety strap.”

“How long can we fly on one engine?”

“Oh my god, it's only got one wheel down.”

Manhunter (1986)

Dr Hannibal Lecktor is chatted to by Willim Petersen. Dennis Farina (shudder) and Joan Allen and Brian Cox costar. This has heavily tinted scenes and overpowering music. Stephen Lang is in this. Lecktor stirs the pot from his cell. Dr Chilton shows up. Will broods. This was okay but so very 80s.

Best Lines:

“VCR hooked in your hotel room.”

“Don't turn around or I'll mace you in the face.”

“He killed them.”


“In bad ways.”

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