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Alias (2001-2006) 5x06 + Prodigal Son 1x19 Reviewed


Sydney guides Rachel who is nervous and pensive on her first solo mission. Why does nobody have deep suspicion of Sloane's honest and morality? Rachel's family are in peril and they're put in witness protection and she'll never be able to contact them again. Dixon lurks.

Rachel is consistently nice. Who is Sloane working for? Sloane ponders the impossibility of escaping retribution for unacknowledged sins. Sydney's pregnant. Sloane has done great evil to people. There is talk of The Shed. One looks on in bemusement. Jack is imperious.

Rachel Nichols was shoved into this show and 'Criminal Minds' as the ingenue. Balthazar Getty is in this season. A French chick kicks ass. Victor Garber looks smug and Amy Acker plays a female baddie. There are clunky phones and is Sydney going grey? This is semi interesting and entertaining.

There is cultural apporpriation. Sloane is resolutely obsessive about his daughter. This was incidental and Sloane is furtive. Rachel ends up in on an oil platform in the South China Sea. Has Jennifer Garner had her lips done? Sloane goes into a suit shop – is that a 'Man From Uncle' homage?

Rachel pretends to be a hooker and has a catfight with Amy Acker. As for Amy Acker her stunt double jumps off the oil platform. Sloane caused 100,000 deaths? Nadia is comatose. Sydney plays a tape of presummed dead Vaughn's voice to their unborn child. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“I can't get home.”

“I won't hurt those people.”

“I'm not telling you to. Not yet at least.”

“Betrayed them on a daily basis.”

“Don't ever do that spinning kung fu crap.”

“Allowed female compansionship.”

“Spring loaded ice pick.”

“Put on my strappy shoes and my teeny dress.”

“She thought I was her best friend.”

“The wig and the dress.”

“Who was the sluttiest girl in your high school?”

“My god, you're...”

“Not dead.”

“I do what I want. When I want.”

The Professionals

Nicholas Endicott is obviously evil to Malcolm and Ainsley. Eve's dead. Ainsley is trash like her father. There is talk of how psycho dad got his plea deal. Nicholas does not want to be told no, ever. Jessica can't act. Malcolm yells as the team looks for an assassin. Psycho dad never bothered telling anyone about Nicholas before now? Psycho dad kills someone. This was so dumb.

Best Lines:

“Yeah, that was super clear.”

“I have a dark past!”

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